Top 5 Free Education Apps for Android

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Millions of young Australians will head back to school next week. Although everyday learning is acquired beyond the classroom and is part of daily lives, the latest technology from the Digital Age has offered more opportunities to learn almost anything using smartphones and tablets.

Applications are not only for games and designs for these devices but can also be an educational material. Education Apps ranges from languages, kids, examination guides, dictionaries, and music.

Here are the Top 5 free education apps for Android

1.     QuickDic Offline Dictionary

It was developed by Thad Hughes and offers a dictionary from a wide selection of languages which the user can view offline by downloading them online. This offline dictionary features English to foreign language dictionary viewed in two columns with matching translations. The download of dictionaries is fast and stored in the SD card. It is free, no-ads, and open sourced. QuickDic includes dictionaries of English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French languages.

2.     Practice English Grammar

This app contains many pages of grammar lessons explaining grammar topics. It also features Tests with over 500 questions in 16 topics. The follow

ing are topics included in the app: adjectives, nouns, tenses, articles, adverbs, and modals.

3.     Kids Paint Free

This app which has been awarded as Best Free Android Apps and Games for Kids offers simple, interesting, and fun ways for learning how to draw. The app responds to gesture controls to perform operations such as shake or tap call button to clear screen, press back button to undo last step, press search button to import photo, and trackball to set gradient background colors. The upgrade version allows bigger canvasses, picture sharing, and tablet support.

4.     Talking Kids Math and Numbers

Mathematics is one of the most difficult subject to most people and teaching it requires proficiency on the subject. The number one math and number learning app has arrived in Android which will help kids and even parents to adapt mathematical techniques. The app features TV mode, quiz mode, high quality 3D graphics, voice interaction/animations, funny penguin animations, text to speech, and special sound effects to make learning of math fun.

5.     Learn Guitar Chords

Android can now help beginners and intermediate guitar players with guitar chords learning. The app features key functions such as play and learn chords, authentic acoustic and electric guitar sounds, and contains most used guitar chords.

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