Top 5 Features to Expect on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

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Rumours on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 were starting to emerge as the buzz on Note 3 already died down.

Consumers are expecting different specs and features on the upcoming phablet. Samsung has not announced the official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 yet. However, speculations stated that the phablet will follow the release of its predecessors. Thus, the handset may arrive in September.

There were rumours that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will battle head on with Apple's upcoming smartphone for the phablet category. Thus, it could result to an intense battle between the two smartphones.

Some of the upcoming features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 were already given away by its little brother, Samsung Galaxy S5, which packed a fingerprint sensor in the home button for added security and convenience and the IP67 certified design that is water and dust resistant. Moreover, the device may finally come in metallic body and not in last year's faux leather back casing.

Below are the top five features that most consumers want to see on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date.

2K Display - It is rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will pack a 2K screen display, which is only apt to the phablet's massive screen. This is supported by the Samsung's plans of releasing qHD displays this year.

Faster Processor - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be powered either Snapdragon 805 or Samsung's new Exynos processor.

Android 4.5 Lollypop - Samsung's smartphone-tablet hybrid will run with Android 4.5 Lollypop. Google is set to release a new version of operating system this year, which will be the new mobile software of most Android smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 4.

Better Camera - The fourth generation of Samsung's phablet will surely pack a better rear shooter. Samsung will either increase the number of megapixels of the device or improve the lens or software used.

Improved S-Pen - Samsung Galaxy S4's stylus, popularly known as the S-Pen, did not get much facelift last year. This year, the stylus may get new functions and capabilities.

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