Top 5 Captivating Gaming Apps for Android (New Games)

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Here is a list of five captivating Android apps that according to Droid-Life are addictive and worth a try. Many gaming apps got released in the past couple of months and mobile gaming on Android is getting better day-by-day. The list consists of free as well as premium apps which is sure to take the gaming interest to the next level.

Smash Hit

This gaming app was welcomed with hugely positive user reviews in Google Play Store. The game expects the player to throw steel balls at glass objects that blocks the path, at the same time, the player is expected to toss the balls at glass pyramids in order to gather/earn more balls.

It is designed over a simple concept of earning the balls and getting rid of blockades on the way. If the player was able to hit all the pyramids without missing any; in addition, if the player can avoid getting hit by oncoming objects, the player will get a boost to throw more balls at once that increases the chances of survival. It is worth noting that, the initial bit of this particular game is quite easy, but as the user progresses further the level of game intensifies.

Smash Hit is available as a free download. Click here to download this addictive and interesting gaming app.

AirFighters Pro

AirFighters Pro is making all the right noises with its flight simulation game for mobile devices. This recently released game is already considered as one of the best flight simulation games ever made. 

The game lays out a heavily-detailed world to fly-in, along with airports that resembles real world entities, which the player can use to land and take off. It is highly recommended to go through the game tutorial that gives a basic understanding of flying the aircrafts. Once the tutorial is covered, players can opt for missions in order to fight with the best fighter planes in the world.

This dashing and spectacular game comes with a price tag of $4.99. Click here to download this outstanding flight simulator gaming app.


This is a challenging and an addictive puzzler game. The readers who get a kick out of numbers will find this gaming app peculiarly interesting. In addition, this app also features great soundtrack, and goofy voices.

The game expects player to match 'pairing numbers' to make bigger numbers. As the game progresses, the number board gets filled with 1′s and 2′s, challenging the player many pairs until there is no moves to make pairs. The game interestingly applies personalities to the numbers that players create out of pairing; hence the players can hear goofy voices according to the personalities while playing the game.

The game 'Threes' costs only $1.99 on Google Play Store. Click here to download this challenging and addictive gaming app.

Cut the Rope 2

As such, this is not a brand new game. This is a sequel to Om Nom's adventure games but the game packs a good deal of thrill. The player is expected to cut the ropes; in addition, he must go through jungles, junkyards, and many other environments in order to obtain the hyped candy.

This app is available as a free download. Click here to download this exciting gaming app.

Out There

This game is way too addictive, time consuming and tougher to nail. The premise of the game: 'Earth is dying' and an astronaut is sent out in the quest to find resources for the planet. He is lost in the mid-way and hence his mission is now changed to getting back to Earth.            

This app brings-in different worlds, and friendly aliens, among others. This game has the capability to frustrate the player more than any other game mentioned above; there are so many ways to die, and the player can run out of fuel. This is one of the most captivating and maddening games of all time.

This is again a premium gaming app and it is priced at $4.99. Click here to download this maddening gaming app.

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