The Top 5 Box-Office Hit Movies for February: From 'The Lego Movie' to ‘Robocop’ and ‘The Monuments Men’ Plus More

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February has been a good month for movies in Hollywood. From the showing of "Pompeii" to "About Last Night," the love month has definitely been a perfect time for movies of all genre to be shown. Of course, what more could actually determine the quality of a movie but by its viewers and watchers, right? Below is a list of the movies that were released during the last week of February which dominated the Hollywood Box-office Hit list.

#5 The Monuments Men (Box Office: $58,050,000 on its 3rd Week)

This is not the typical Nazi war movie. Set during the Second World War, a group of aging historians and cultured men try to salvage from total annihilation of the pre-war culture through saving art, buildings, bridges and many more. The power cast was just the tip of the iceberg; the story plot (which by the way is based on real events) was interesting and informative to boot. George Clooney co-produced and starred in the top-grossing film.

#4 RoboCop (Box Office: $ 43,600,000 on its 2nd week)

What happens when a loving husband, good cop gets injured in his fight against crime in the year 2028? OmniCorp, the robot technological giant in the movie, sees Alex Murphy (injured cop) as the perfect opportunity to make him into a RoboCop.

#3 Pompeii (Box Office: $ 10,010,000 on its 1st week)

Set in the medieval city in Rome, a slave-turned gladiator finds himself embroiled in a situation pressed for time, as he tries to save his true love who is engaged to a vile Roman senator. Can the gladiator find his one true love before the whole of "Pompeii" crumbles down?

#2 3 Days to Kill (Box Office: $ 12,300,000 at its 1st week)

A dying agent tries to reconnect with his daughter. He is given a last shot at life when he is offered an experimental drug in exchange for a last assignment.

#1 The Lego Movie

Taking the cherry on the cake is "The Lego Movie." This animated film features an ordinary Lego minifigure mistaken to be a Masterbuilder; he is then recruited to defeat the Tyrant that seeks to glue the whole Lego Universe. 

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