Top 5 Blonde Human Barbie Dolls: From Anzhelika Kenova to Valeria Lukyanova [PHOTOS]

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Though human dolls have their way of choosing their hair color, their true peg, Barbie, is known to be a blonde. Here are the top 5 real life, breathing human dolls who mimic the look of the famous toy from head to toe.

1.       Anzhelika Kenova

Anzhelika is a 25-year-old human doll who hails from Russia, where the "dollification" plastic surgery trend seems to be getting a lot of publicity. She has a ridiculously slim 20-inch waist (app. 51 cm), has blonde hair, and has a fondness for Playboy Playmates. Maybe she dreams of becoming one someday?

2.       Lilya Kish

Another human doll from Russia, Lilya is an aspiring singer who has transformed herself from a blonde teenager to a breathing doll. She has long, platinum hair, a tiny waist, unbelievably huge glassy eyes, slim nose, and a pouty lip.

3.       Skye Sweetnam

Unlike other human dolls, Skye Sweetnam looks the "most human" because of her defined jawline. Skye is of Canadian descent, and has built a career in singing, fashion, and even in directing.

4.       Ramona Gabriela

Little is known about this blonde human doll, but Ramona Gabriela's Tumblr account lets fans take a peek inside her life as a breathing doll. She is a 20-year-old living in Germany, and enjoys Japanese anime, fairy tales, and TV shows such as "How I Met Your Mother."

5.       Valeria Lukyanova

Probably the most famous and seen human Barbie doll, Valeria takes pride in the kind of transformation she has gone through to achieve her current porcelain look.  The Russian plastic surgery sensation recently appeared in V magazine, proving her fame and the attention she has gained worldwide.

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