Top 5 Best and Hilarious Internet Reactions for Solange Fights with Jay Z in Elevator at MET Gala After Party

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Media is abuzz with the news of Beyonce's little sister Solange Knowles physically attacking Beyonce's husband Jay Z in the hotel lift after the MET Gala 2014 in Manhattan. also has the exclusive video of the footage where Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange are seen taking the hotel lift together and then suddenly Solange attacks Jay Z with full force using legs, hands and even her mouth.

Luckily, there was a bodyguard in the lift who could control the situation. It is still not known why the fight transpired and why Beyonce did nothing to stop her sister from acting like that. However, after the fight video going viral, the Internet is flooded with hilarious memes and reasons why Solange Knowles might have hit at Jay Z. The hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange is trending on Twitter ever since the video leaked. Check out a few of creative and interesting reasons and reactions for the fight below.

1. The fight between Jay Z and Solange reminded the Internet folk of the ugly fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna some years back. Though there is no similarity between the two, yet some creative people on Twitter have put the picture of Jay Z with Rihanna and made an interesting caption, which reads, "Victims of Domestic Violence." Check it out below.

2. Beyonce did not react much to the ugly fight between Jay Z and Solange and kept standing on one side and watched the entire drama with poise. One Internet user has captured this moment and turned it into an interesting conversation between husband and wife. Check it out below.

3. Another tweet on Beyonce's silent treatment will surely make everyone laugh. Check this out.

4. Other reason speculated by people is that Jay Z reportedly joked about Solange Knowles career and she became infuriated and started kicking Jay Z. Check out the joke below.

5. Instagram user @tiulm2 shared a hilarious meme where he used M. Night Shyamalan's movie "Devil's" poster. The movie has a horror story focused around a deadly elevator. The new picture shows the Devil's name replaced by Solange. Check it out below.

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