Top 4 Reasons Why iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Will Beat Samsung’s Galaxy S IV – New Apple Campaign

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It is but expected, Apple will not sit idly while Samsung gallops its way to new heights of success via the new Android flagship Galaxy S IV and the tech giant claims four reasons why iPhone remains the best smartphone option.

The Apple taunt, manifested through its fresh web campaign of unmasking GS4's weaknesses, is all summed up in the firm's proud pronouncement that "There's iPhone. And then there's everything else."

Now that is like the late Steve Jobs ranting out a mouthful that says "We're better than anyone else," and the rest of the competitions are inferior copycats trying to capitalise on Apple's device revolution.

So Apple is convinced the GS4 is no different from other Android breeds and below are the reasons why the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will easily trounce the newly-unveiled Samsung flagship.

Premium ecosystem support

The last time Apple checked, its App Store counts more than 800,000 applications that are fully-vetted and optimised for handset use. It's a safe bet that by the end of 2013, those numbers will further shoot up, giving iPhone users more possibilities in the iOS smartphone environment.

The App Store allows iPhone owners to accomplish and enjoy more, Apple insists. Although experts would note that the GS4 is not necessarily behind with Android, TouchWiz and Premium Suite backing its existence.

Superior Retina display screen

Retina on iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will sufficiently enliven the full smartphone experience. The screen clarity it delivers separates the Apple brand from the Android generic devices, the new campaign says.

While Super AMOLED has been wowing the Android crowd since its inception, Apple dismissed the technology as nothing short of mere eye-candy and not as immersive as Retina.

Smartphone camera superiority

This feature is hardly determined by megapixels or ultrapixels as touted by the HTC One, Apple declares and expert would surely lineup in support of the iPhone maker. Packing an 8MP main shooter, the iPhone is easily the world's most popular camera even if the GS4 will raise the bar on its 13MP sensor.

Sleek and solid body-build

Glass and aluminium make the iPhone both sexy and durable. It exudes a classy feeling that is absent in the Galaxy S iterations, including the Galaxy S IV. And it will be the same feel for the upcoming iPhone 5S and all the other versions, Apple suggests.

The iPhone profile represents a thoughtful and meticulous process in forging the shell that embodies the smartphone components inside each Apple handsets, the tech giant says on its GS4 demolishing effort.

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