Top 3 Video Game Releases: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, The Elder Scrolls: Dawnguard, Expeditions: Conquistador


It's a week of ninja slashin', tactical conquests in Spain, and confrontation with vampires as February closes with a roundup of video game releases.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

Take on some ninja action and start battling and chopping the bosses with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus. In the game, you get to see beautiful characters, and more of team mission modes that players enjoyed in previous versions.

The Vita version, Polygon reports, features a gallery that showcases the characters like Momiji the shrine maiden, Muramasa the swordsman, Sonia the CIA agent, and Dagra Dai the diabolical priest, to name a few.

You can also check out the stills from boss battles, especially one that takes place with the four Great Fiend Lords and the Black Dragon.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus will be released in the US on February 26 and Europe on March 1, reports VG24/7.

The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard

Join the Dawnguard in battling the legion of vampires in the Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, the add-on for the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls for Skyrim.

According to PS 3 Trophies, February has been releasing one DLC pack for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim starting last February 12 with the release of Dragonborn. Then there was a follow-up last February 19 with Hearthfire. This week, fans can look forward to Dawnguard, which will be released on February 26.

Gamespy reports that Dawnguard's release dates for Australia and the United Kingdom are also on February 26. It has been available for Xbox 360 and PC, and will be making its debut on PlayStation 3 this year.

Expeditions: Conquistador

On February 28, you can enjoy a tactical RPG from KickStarter as Expeditions: Conquistador makes its debut. After a month's delay, the game will now be available on GOG, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, and Desura, reports reports that you get to choose and command your own fleet of explorers as you et out to explore the maps of Hispaniola and Mexico. Aside from negotiations and adventure, there are also combat modes, where you get to control the battle from each individual troop's point of view.

What's even more unique is that you are not commanding mindless drones. Rather, teach troop member has his own face and personality, and their morale will actually be affected by the outcome of your decisions as leader. It's a test of whether you will set out to be a great leader or a ruthless force to be reckoned with.

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