Top 3 Style Essentials for Fall 2014


It's almost time for Fall 2014. During this season, the atmosphere is cooler, the colors become darker and the mood becomes a bit somber. But, it need not be glum, drab and boring. Just check out these top 3 style essentials for Fall 2014 and get a head start into becoming fashionably fabulous when autumn finally arrives in September.


According to Pantone, the color authority, Radiant Orchid is the perfect color for 2014. It is a purplish pink shade that combines the beauty of two colors into one harmonious hue. When choosing a colored coat for Fall 2014, why not get one in this shade? If pink or purple makes you gag, try other colors such as Bright Cobalt, Royal Blue, Aurora Red, Mauve Mist or Misted Yellow. Click HERE to see a colored coat from Lucky Magazine.


2.     DRESS -

When it comes to dressing up for Fall 2014, neutral colors are nice to offset the aforementioned colored coat. Just pick a dress with beautiful, classic and feminine details such as lace. It's best to wear a black, silver, nude or white dress or a combination of these shades. Click HERE to see the Virginia lace dress from Kate Spade Shanghai Collection.  Or, try the midi dress which is a classic silhouette that is not too short and not too long. Click HERE to see several midi dresses from Nordstrom. Tights under dresses are optional. Aside from black tights, try other colors like maroon or green for a pop of color. Just make sure if you will wear colored tights that it won't clash with the colored coat you will wear.

3.     PANTS -

Think comfort when it comes to pants for Fall 2014. This means that the fit shouldn't be skin tight. It should be a bit loose, preferably in pleated wool. And, make sure to wear high heels with it to make legs look longer. Trousers are best to wear for Fall 2014. You can also incorporate tweed to make it more classic and autumn appropriate. Click HERE to see various styles of Women's tweed trousers from Shop Style by PopSugar.

These are the top 3 style essentials for Fall 2014. It can be combined with a structured bag and some nude booties or stylish high heels. Have fun shopping for these key pieces for Fall 2014!


Pantone Names Radiant Orchid as Official Color of 2014 [WATCH]

Pantone Names Radiant Orchid as Official Color of 2014 [WATCH]

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