Top 3 Smartphones Perfect for Selfies: Lumigon T2, ZTE Nubia X6 and OPPO N1

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Are you a fan of taking selfies every time you have the chance? Do you want a smartphone that specializes on selfies, so you can take an epic one that's similar to the one Ellen Degeneres made? If so, these three smartphones may be the perfect ones for you.

Lumigon T2

There are some people who just want to take selfies whenever they can-sometimes in a barely-lit room or in a party where the lights may not just provide enough lighting to make it a good selfie.

But Lumigon T2 has solved that problem without the user having to resort to the rear camera for a better selfie. Digital Trends reports that this smartphone's front camera has its own LED flash, the better to take selfies with, even in the dark.

True, the camera isn't whopping at 2.4-megapixels, but coupled with a decent LED flash, you can take the Instagram-worthy photo without needing the grainy effect that's the go-to editing feature.

Even better is that the Lumigon T2 is water and dust resistant with an IP65 certification level. All the other features place it at a decent level in the smartphone competition, and it even comes with earbuds and a dock.

Perhaps that LED flash at the front really does jack up the price, as you will need to cough up $1000--the cost of a decent selfie.

Oppo N1

Innovation may be in the DNA of Oppo products, as the most interesting selfie-related news for the company involves an interesting way for users to take selfies without sacrificing quality or bending their arms at the most awkward angles to create them.

Oppo N1, the newest device from the company--and a flagship phone at that--features the swivel camera, something that has not yet been seen in other smartphones as of late.

Engadget reports that this is pretty much a hark to the now-growing population of people who love to take selfies. The 13-megapixel camera is still located at the top of the phone, but it can be swiveled to flip between front and back as you need it.

Aside from 13-megapixel front/back camera, there's also the O-Touch, which is a 12-square-centimeter trackpad located at the back for the device so you can browse through and capture photos using just one hand. But reviews have pointed out that, while a good try at a new way to enhance selfies even more, it's not a perfect technology.

The location on the phone needs improvement, as it can easily be touched wen using the phone for other functions other than the camera, and when it does need to be handled with the camera, you would have to make adjustments to use it.

Pocket-lint adds that the N1 camera has a six-piece lens, a first for an Android phone, and it is available for €449 or £372.

ZTE's Nubia X6

If you don't want a swiveling camera for your next selfie shot, but also don't want to give up the quality selfie at 13-megapixels, you can have your cake and eat it, too with ZTE's newest premium phone.

The Nubia X6, a massive phone at 6.4 inches, has two 13-megapixel cameras. Yes, two of them--one at the front and one at the back. Separately. T3 reports that the front-facing camera has a f/2.2 lens and video auto-focus while the rear camera has f/2.0 lens, optical image stabilization and video auto-focus.

But the catch is that the ZTE Nubia X6 has only been announced for the China market for the moment and is priced at around £90 if it is released in the U.K. Still, given the growing selfie population, the Nubia X6 will surely expand to get in on the current photo hype.

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