Top 3 Reasons Why Sean Penn Does Not Want Dylan Penn Dating Robert Pattinson

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Sean Penn is not happy with Robert Pattinson dating his daughter Dayln penn. The rumors are that the Hollywood legend is not very sure of the Kristen Stewart's ex and wants to keep his daughter away from him. A close friend of Rob has revealed to that, "Rob and Dylan are having a thing, and he's into her. But a lot of his friends think it's going to crash and burn because her dad is so overprotective - he doesn't want Dylan dating Rob and Rob knows it."

So what could be the reasons of Sean Penn not letting Dylan Penn date Robert Pattinson:

Sean Penn is overprotective: Sean Penn is extremely caring of his daughter and like any other dad he would not like to see his daughter getting hurt. Since his break-up with Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson has been spotted partying and hanging out with various women. There is a bleak likelihood of him getting into a serious relationship with anybody. Knowing this if Sean Penn is being overprotective about Dylan Penn, then we can't complain.

Sean Penn may not want Kristen Stewart akin drama in Dylan Penn's life:  Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a messy public break-up which left both of them wounded. Sean Penn being a known face in the Hollywood fraternity would not like to make a drama of his daughter's personal life under wraps.  And with Robert Pattinson that is highly unlikely

Sean Penn thinks that Robert Pattinson is looking for a rebound:  There are no two ways about it that Robert Pattinson is looking for a shoulder to lean on. He has been deeply hurt by the Kristen Stewart saga and right now he could get close to anyone. If Sean Penn is thinking that Robert Pattinson may hurt his daughter in the process of rebound then who could blame him

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