Top 3 Killer Features of the iPhone 6: What to Expect

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Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 has been making waves especially following reports that it will veer away from the usual smartphone upgrade. Previously, Apple either enhances the display, design or interface of the device to release another variant. This time, the tech giant will reportedly overhaul the screen, design, size and features of its iPhone series to compete better in the market. What can people expect? 

Now that Samsung's Galaxy S5 has hit the market, people are waiting for Apple's comeback. The Samsung Galaxy S5 received mixed reviews with some analysts saying it fell short of expectations. Samsung defended the device saying they focused more on functionality and what people really needs. The question now boils down to whether Apple can reconcile these thoughts and deliver a product that can help improve and maintain the company's position in the smartphone industry. So far, several patents and predictions surfaced about the iPhone 6.   

Sleep/Wake Button with Sapphire Display

Ming-Chi Kuo has been making headlines following his research note about Apple's upcoming products. According to the analyst, Apple may add a sleep/wake button on the iPhone. This should give users better experience for one-hand operations. Likewise, Kuo noted that the iPhone 6 will come in two variants. The 4.7-inch model will feature a 1334x750 Retina sapphire display and pixel density of 326ppi. The 5.5-inch model, on other hand, will feature a 1920x1080 screen with pixel density at 401ppi. 

3D Positioning 

Apple's newly patented technology describes the use of accurate positioning systems indoors without added hardware. So long as there is WiFi infrastructure, the device can map and navigate. The technology combines WiFi access points, GPS and onboard location databases for accurate data positioning regardless of the environment. The patent goes by No. 8,700,060 and entitled "Determining a location of a mobile device using a location database." 

Larger Display 

Kuo believes that a phablet iPhone 6 can beat iPad Mini in terms of sales. Users are not just about one-hand experiences these days day. Rather, they are also particular about the visuals which the iPhone 6 phablet can deliver. The larger iPhone 6 will also offer 50% to 70% additional watt-hours compared to the iPhone 5s. 

Apple will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference this June 2 to 6. Analysts believe the company will shed more light about upcoming product releases during the event. 

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