Top 3 Killer Features of BlackBerry Passport

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Top 3 Killer Features of BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen holds up the unreleased Blackberry Passport device during the company's annual general meeting for shareholders in Waterloo June 19, 2014. BlackBerry Ltd posted a narrower-than-expected loss as the troubled smartphone maker's turnaround efforts started to pay off, raising hopes Chen can deliver on a pledge to return the company to steady profits. REUTERS

After a long hiatus, BlackBerry is back in news with its new phablet/tablet BlackBerry Passport. The striking feature is the square shape instead of the typical rectangular design seen in other devices. In addition, this phablet features a physical QWERTY keyboard in the front. Interestingly, the upcoming BlackBerry Passport release date is set to clash with the release of Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in September.

When the news broke about Passport, a persistent question lingered around i.e. what value addition does the square design brings to the table? But BlackBerry seems to have the answer. The company claims that the square design of the BlackBerry Passport will help professionals with their day-to-day productivity. The design gives better viewing dimensions for any type of documents.

Adding cherry on top, the physical QWERTY keyboard will be welcomed by the professionals and business crowd alike. Also, BlackBerry's well-known security features cannot be disregarded. Here is a list of top three stand-out features from the upcoming BlackBerry Passport, according to Business News Daily.

One-of-a-Kind Physical QWERTY Keyboard

The whole technology world is trying to make the touchscreen work better and swifter. Instead of biting the bullet, BlackBerry went retro. It is worth noting that, the company made mobile keyboards look good in a time when touchscreen was taking over physical keyboards. Loved by hardcore business professionals across the globe, BlackBerry is back in the game with a physical QWERTY keyboard in its Passport phablet. Notably, having a physical keyboard means less word corrections and typos.

Square Design Instead of Rectangle

According to BlackBerry, the rectangular design of top-selling phones and phablets will not provide the best viewing experience for the user, especially for professionals who would like to make changes and corrections to Office documents. In addition, if a user wants to edit any Office documents, the data on the screen is jam-packed with constricted columns and rows, both horizontally and vertically. Thus, the viewing experience is not seamless from the user's point of view. This is where the square screen helps in providing a wide viewing angle.

BlackBerry's Well-Known Security Feature

BlackBerry Passport comes equipped with the company's unique security and encryption feature for emails and messages. The Passport also houses software that thwarts any attempt to reproduce personal contacts and data from the device. In addition, the handset can also block access to apps, and monitoring activities among others, says Business News Daily.

BlackBerry Passport Specifications (Quick View)

- 4.5 inches LCD display with 1,440 × 1,440 pixels resolution & 453 ppi pixel density.

- Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor

- 3 GB of RAM.

- 13 MP primary camera, and 2 MP secondary camera

- Non-removable 3450 mAh battery unit

- 32 GB of internal storage

- microSD card for expansion up to 64 GB

- 3-row "touch-enabled keyboard"

- BlackBerry Q10 OS

- Weight: 6 Ounces

- NFC Support

Will you be interested in buying a square phablet? Do you think BlackBerry can shake up the market with its innovation? Feel free to leave a comment.

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