Top 15 Things You Should Test On Sony Xperia Sirius Before Signing Up Or Buying Non-Contract Unit

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Sony Xperia Sirius seems to bring all-new user experience better than Xperia Z1 or Z1S. But these so-called features may come faulty as bugs never go away completely.

Here are 15 things you should check before signing up for Xperia Sirius:

1.      Dust-resistance and Waterproof Expect Xperia Sirius will have dust-resistance and waterproof features which you can test right way. Demand a glass or bowl of water to check and see if the touchscreen or its components are still working normally after a dip. You don't want it to get wet in the worst possible time because the unit is faulty.

2.      Basic Camera Function and Flash Test the Superior Auto and Manual mode if all the settings are working properly. Also, capture images or record videos to ensure that no bleeding flashes are occurring.

3.      New Camera Modes Don't forget that Sony added new camera modes such as AR Effect, Timeshift Burst and Sweep Panorama. Check them all.

4.      Two Launchers In addition to the Sony Xperia Home launcher, another launcher has been added called Simple Home. It is good for users who want simple icons, interface and home screen mode.

5.      Glove Mode For owners who reside in cold countries, Glove mode can be very essential and Xperia Sirius features it like other Xperia devices. Put on your gloves and check if the screen responds like normal touch.

6.      4K Video Recording 4K video recording is now possible on Xperia Sirius. It is best to test this feature in stores. It allows you to get assistance in stores how to properly and efficiently use the feature plus learning experience to wirelessly throw it in your Sony TV.

7.      Timeshift Video Timeshift video is new on Xperia Sirius and allows recording at 120 fps compared to the normal 60 fps. Since it is totally new among Sony Xperia smartphones, store assistance may be helpful to help you understand its full functionality.

8.      Answering Machine This is a good reason to call a friend or bring someone when buying Xperia Sirius. Test the built-in answering machine and see if it works like the version at your home.

9.      New Power Managers In Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Sony did update the Stamina mode and expanded the use to various ranges compared with former firmware versions. For Xperia Sirius running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, check if it functions properly by keeping apps from running during screen off and if apps under the white lists are working regardless if the Stamina mode is enabled. Check out other battery managers.

10.  Multitasking and Performance With 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and 3 GB RAM, it is likely you won't notice any lags unless you stress the smartphone. Launch apps and games then press home afterward. Now swipe on the home screen and app menu to see if any sluggishness is noticeable. You may use benchmarking tools for in-depth testing.

11.  Wireless Connections Never leave the stores without checking wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and mobile data, including 4G/LTE. Ensure that Wi-Fi connection is constant, Bluetooth connection to accessories is stable, NFC wireless transfer is fine, GPS new battery saving feature works normally and switching between 3G and 4G/LTE is smooth.

12.  Mobile Networks Aside from mobile data connection, double check the signal strength according to your location and network carrier. Do some few SMS and normal calls to ensure good reception using Xperia Sirius.

13.  Sony Media Apps Album and Movies and WALKMAN apps are now fully updated which means you need to check HD video playback, rendering your captured photos and great music output of the player. Use the given headphones to test if any hiss or unusual sound comes out while playing a tune then use the speakers if it's audible and pleasant to the ears.

14.  Throwing Features In case you like wireless connections between your device and various electronic gadgets at home, you should check the following:

a.  Media server settings for DLNA over Wi-Fi

b.  Tethering and portable hotspot

c.  DUALSHOCK wireless controller

d.  Screen mirroring

e.  MirrorLink feature

f.   Throw settings

15.  My Xperia Due to the expensive price of Sony Xperia Sirius and its new firmware, a feature called my Xperia is installed on the Xperia section under Settings. If it's possible, test if the device will register online. You may need this when you've lost your phone, desperate need to locate it or even lock it if stolen so thieves won't be able to access the data or the functions.

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