Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Your Nokia Lumia 920 [Video]

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The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the most innovative smartphone released which is running Windows Phone 8. The Lumia 920 is also one of the first 4G LTE smartphones, enabling it to get five times more data connection speed than 3G. If you own Nokia Lumia 920 and want to get more out of your device, here are 10 tricks you should know about.

1.      Selecting mobile data speed It is true that 4G network can have 5 times more speed than 3G, but the device using it suffers from heavy battery drain. If you are not using 4G, go to "Settings > Mobile Network > then select other network speed such as 2G or 3G to save battery.

2.      Nokia City Lens If Android has Google Maps, Nokia uses City Lens the unique real-time mapping experience. City Lens allows you to find nearby establishments visually. The app will turn to landscape orientation and lets you pick what you want to search, then it will open the camera app overlaying places with distance, displaying what's ahead of the user.

3.      Cinemagraph It is a camera app which allows the user to create GIF files from captured movie clips. Cinemagraph simply needs something that is moving and the user can edit the clip. The user can isolated movements, change loop speed, and where the animation begins.

4.      Wireless charging Nokia Lumia 920 can power up without plugging it in and simply uses its colourful charging plate, Fatboy Charging Pillow, or Qi chargers to wireless transfer energy to its battery.

5.      Built-in Talk to Text Holding the Windows button down accesses the speech recognition function and also the talk-to-text feature. If you are using a Bluetooth headset, the feature will allow the device to read messages to you via voice, and you reply, edit and send text messages using only your voice. It is a recommended feature for text and driving situations.

6.      Application Control Hold the back button to zoom out and see app which are open, press the back button again and it will return you to the last opened app. Another back button press will close the app and tapping the back button a few more times will close all the apps.

7.      Stay Notified If you want to be notified with how many missed phone calls, SMS, emails, battery level and more, go to Settings > Lock screen. Tap the apps to show quick status. Get the battery saver app, and it will display the battery level without unlocking the device.

8.      Unfreeze the Frozen Lumia Nokia Lumia 920 can freeze up just like any other smartphones; if it does, hold the volume key, the unlock key and photo capturing key till the device vibrates. The Lumia 920 will restart itself to unfreeze.

9.      Lock screen customisation Settings > Lock screen. Tap the background and you can auto change your lock screen with photos or Facebook or apps. These apps will display itself through the lock screen.

10.  Pin contacts to your Start Screen If you want updated information from certain contacts, pin them on your Start Screen. Go to Contacts and long press then hit "pin to start screen". You can also pin virtually anything on the Start Screen, unique feature of the Windows Phone. 

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