Top 10 Paid Apps for Androids (VIDEOS)

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Why pay if you can download apps for free? The answer to that question would probably be the similar to why people still buy smartphones if you already have a regular mobile phone.

In addition to denting one's pocket, downloading paid apps could also be stressful because the payment method is often via credit card, which could expose the credit card information of the buyer.

Here are the Top Ten Paid Apps for Android and why users downloaded these applications.

1.     Where's My Water?

A hit Disney app on Android and currently in Holiday Sale, it has three stories, three separate games with more than 400 total puzzles and free regularly updates.

The game offers challenging physics-based puzzle with vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and sensational soundtrack. It requires cleverness and keen eye to avoid algae, toxic, ooze, triggers and traps.

It was awarded as Game of the Year by both Pocket Gamer and Phone Arena, and the Editor's Choice Award by IGN.

Where is my Water? Costs $0.99 and in Holiday Sale till Sunday.

Total Ratings: 100,000+     Average Rating: 4.74/5

Installs: 1M

2.     Asphalt 7: Heat

It is a race across globe with Asphalt Series app. It is the latest in the installment with the newest, fastest and more visually stunning edition. The game features First-Class Lineup, Race across the Globe, and Challenge the World for online competition with other players. Asphalt 7 costs $0.99 and available at the Google Play Store.

Total Ratings: 90,000+                 Average Rating: 4.29/5

Installs: 500,000+

3.     SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

Android smartphones have default keyboards provided by brand manufacturers and users are not always happy with these. A lot of users want more features or want to change something like remove a button or two. Swiftkey 3 offers accurate corrections and predictions, new words and phrases, enhanced UI, and very customisable including personalisation with specific apps such as Gmail or Facebook. The keyboard app also offers input and dictionary from several languages with full support. Swiftkey 3 Keyboard costs $ 3.99 and it has a free version for users to try out first.

Total Ranking: 80,000+                Average Rating: 4.56/5

Installs: 1M

4.     Beautiful Widgets

As the title itself says, it features several attractive widgets including clock + weather with some toggles. The app offers a collection of widgets and theme which is great for customisation of the homescreen. One of the famous widget included is the look a-like HTC Sense UI widget of clock and weather.

Beautiful Widgets costs $2.69 in the Google Play Store.

Total Ratings: 78,000+                 Average Rating: 4.28/5

Installs: 1M

5.     Draw Something

It sounds peculiar at first but it's actually a social drawing guessing game. It features social game access on Facebook or Twitter or automatically partners with new gaming buddies, turn-based game play, leader board, colour packs and bombs. The mechanics is simple: draw and let them guess what it is. Draw something costs $2.99 with free version for try outs available from Google Play Store.

Total Ratings: 66,000+                 Average Rating: 4.00/5

Installs: 1M

6.     Robo Defense

Many users are very familiar with tower defense popularised by Warcraft 3's Azure Tower Defense. After that, a lot of various defense with many mechanics sprouted from several game developers on the net and on mobile apps too. Robo Defense is the only tower defense game app which reached the top ten list. The free version has 1 map with 11 difficulty levels, while the paid version features more maps, unlimited upgrade, and more difficulty levels. Robo Defense costs $2.99 and a free version is available for download as well.

Total Ratings: 62,000+                 Average Ratings: 4.80/5

Installs: 500,000+

7.     Minecraft

This gaming app is all about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures. Minecraft features random world generation, multiplayer over local Wi-Fi network, Survival, and Creative modes. Game features includes crafting of food, swords, bows, TNT, chests, skeletons, spiders, beds, paintings, and more. Minecraft costs $6.99 and has a demo version available for download.

Total Ratings: 59,000+                 Average Ratings: 4.54/5

Installs: 1M

8.     PowerAmp

The built-in music player in most that Android smartphones offer as basic enhancement to music only and it doesn't allow customised graphic equaliser or treble and bass combination. Poweramp is the only music player included in the top ten list. It offers gapless play, full equalisation system, great crossfade, and support for most popular music file format. Its demo lasts for 15 days with full features for use. PowerAmp costs $2.49 and it's the unlocker for the free version.

Total Ratings: 49,000+                 Average Rating: 4.69/5

Installs: 1M

9.     Tapatalk Forum App

This is for users with forum memberships and who want to stay connected while avoiding the nightmare accessing it using an ordinary browser. This forum app houses over 35,000 of the most popular public fora ranging from online games to technology, animals to extreme couponing and several more interest. The forums are categorised for 13 types with search allowed. Tapatalk costs $2.99 and available on Google Play.

Total Ratings: 47,000+                 Average Rating: 4.54/5

Installs: 100,000+

10.   Endomondo Sports Tracker

This app if for techies with fitness interests and wants to have personal trainer without having to pay every month. Endomondo Sports Tracker offers electronic fitness trainer with interval programs, graphs of lap times, heart rate, speed and latitude, beat yourself mode which coaches the user to top the previous workout as the new goal, low power mode to increase battery standby for long workouts, time goal and calorie goal. Endomondo Sports Tracker costs €4.99 only for determined fitness workout and has a free version for tryout available on Google Play Store.

Total Ratings: 45,000+                 Average Rating: 4.59/5

Installs: 500,000+

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