Top 10 Interesting Facts about Naked Selfie Nickelodeon Star Jennette McCurdy: Will Ariana Grande Still be Her BFF?


Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy is suddenly all over the Internet for getting her nearly nude selfies "leaked" online. The 21-year-old star of "iCarly" and "Sam & Cat" poses in sexy lingerie in the leaked selfies, which came out on March 2. You can see them here. Let's find out who exactly is Jennette. Here are some unknown facts about the child-star-turned sultry sexy vixen.

1.       Jennette is friends with now famous singer Ariana Grande. She and Ariana are probably best friends forever and have been spotted at various occasions like the American Music Awards and also appear together on "Sam & Cat" series on Nickelodeon. Do you think the conservative Ariana Grande (who has never been in any controversy) will continue to be BFFs with Jennette after this scandal?

2.       Jennette tragically lost her mother to cancer in September 2013. Jennette was best pals with her mother and even wrote "Off-Camera, My Mom's Fight With Cancer," an article on her which was published in the Wall Street Journal in 2011.

3.       Jennette split with boyfriend NBA star Andre Drummond because he was not a good kisser!

4.       Jennette dissed Drummond in one of the recent interview. "My first kiss with him was after we had gone laser tagging," said the actress, according to Hollywood Life. "I stood on a chair... I sort of went for it. But it wasn't great. It didn't go great. No sparks and the mouth ... the shapes weren't right."

5.       Jennette is multi-talented and is not only a television actress but also country pop singer and songwriter and has many hit singles.

6.       Jennette also lost one of her very dear friend named Cody Walters who was just 9. Walters suffered from brain cancer and Jennette wrote a song in his memory called "Homeless Heart." It was Jennette's first song.

7.       Jennette wanted to become an actress after she watched Harrison Ford in "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope." Ford is her inspiration.

8.       Jennette started her career at a tender age of eight! Her first appearance was on MADtv.

9.       Jennette is also into social service. She once did a campaign for public service announcement on crossing the road safely!

10.   McCurdy is a StarPower Ambassador for Starlight Children's Foundation. The foundation encourages kids to stay focused, don't waste their time and energy on silly things but rather help other kids. She is also working with Starlight to brighten the lives of seriously ill children.

Wonder what all the kids from various foundations she works for will have in mind when they see McCurdy's nearly naked selfies. What are your views? 

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