Top 10 Hottest Celebrities with Shocking Weight Loss (And Find Out Their Secrets!) [PHOTOS]


 Remember those days in early 2000 when fans go oggling for Christina Aguilera in her music videos? Those days when it was not only Britney Spears “constantly forcing fans to do (oggling) it for her great abs but also Christina who used to wow viewers with her great bikini body?

Viewers may not miss those days as they don’t remember how Christina used to look anymore with her increasing weight gain. The four Grammy awards winner and singer-songwriter had shocked the world and her generation of her dramatic weight loss as seen in the photo she posted on Facebook Wednesday.

The same surprise Christina had seen from faces of onlookers as she debuted her “Chris-tin-ier” body at the recently concluded 2013 Billboards Music Awards. Gone are the days she had had for a few seasons of “The Voice” – USA as she looks like dropping some serious weight in her latest self. And the radical weight loss has been making a buzz and fans are expected to see more of Christina as she recently been announced to return to the next season of “The Voice” after being away for one run.

Christina however, isn’t the only with shocking and dramatic weight loss. Who would have thought that Khloe Kardashian, who had recently admitted in an interview her pains of feeling “the most ugly Kardashian” as she has been made to feel, being surrounded by siblings who are all slim and with great bikini bodies - - from Kourtney Kardashian to Kim and her teen sisters.

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