Top 10 Features From New 'BlackBerry 10.3 OS' Update

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The company BlackBerry has come up with a list of killer features that can be expected from its new BlackBerry 10.3 OS.  The company's official blog listed out quite a lot of interesting aspects of this new OS update. Here is a condensed version of the list, which consists of the most important and telling attributes of this OS update.

1.      Innumerable Folder Options:  Although the company did not introduce the much-required nested-folders (folder inside folder) feature, it did amplify the capacity of folders. Users, who would like to add multiple folders into one main folder, can now drag and drop a folder onto another and it will combine the content into a single folder.

2.      Quick Settings Access: The system settings (quick) can be changed from anywhere on the screen with a "two-finger" swipe. This swipe will pull down the quick settings menu. According to the company, "one-finger" swipe is already in use; hence they have introduced this two-finger swipe mechanism.

3.      More Screen Space for Apps: The BlackBerry Z3, Z10 & Z30 will now get an additional 'row' of apps. However, the BlackBerry Q5 and Q10 users will get an additional 'column' of apps instead.

4.      Download All Attachments: Users can now easily download all email attachments from the email screen with a click of a new button.

5.      Message Enhancements:  Users can now delete the original text, when replying to an email. In addition, the new update will allow users to organise "sent messages" in folders specified in the mail box. Also, the BlackBerry Hub now has the ability to "auto-save" open content after 30 minutes of inactivity.

6.      Weekly Agenda View: The new addition is an endless "weekly agenda view," where the weeks are defined at the top and users get a complete agenda view for that week below.

7.      Meeting Mode: This is an underrated but useful feature. The notification profile will now have the ability to understand the calendar, i.e. it gets automatically updated. So that users need not have to face the reminder going off while in the meeting. This is an optional feature.

8.      Remote IMAP Search: Upon customising the BlackBerry account sync window, users can now find and view emails that are no longer on their BlackBerry.

9.      Focus on Signature Action: The "action bar" at the bottom of the screen will look simpler, and uncluttered with this update. In addition, the commonly used action (a.k.a primary/signature action) in the center of the bar is highlighted with blue color for emphasis. The secondary actions flank the primary action for functionality. Also note, the primary action is static for every app/screen.

10.   Customisable Settings List: Users will be able to re-arrange the order of the Settings menu, this way the most used menu can be brought to the top.

Also it is worth noting that, the company has rolled out its BlackBerry 10.3 SDK for developers. Although the official release date is still unknown, the update is expected shortly. 

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