Top 10 Features from Apple’s iWork for iCloud (Beta) Update

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Apple has added some of the much-required features and updates to its beta version of iWork for iCloud productivity suite on Tuesday. This new update should help Apple take cloud-based Google Drive/Docs head on.

For those unfamiliar with iWork, it is Apple's office suite of applications for its iOS and OS X operating systems.

According to Macworld, the new updates appear as an 'animated splash screen' that emerges when an app is launched. The new updates apply to all apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. With this update, Apple brings together quite a few feature changes and an overall performance improvement.

Here is a list of ten additions and updates from the recent upgrade to iWork for iCloud beta:

-          Users can now admit up to 100 collaborators/people to access a single document at a time, in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. This feature is quite similar to Google Drive's.

-          The current update has also upped the number of people who can work on a single document at the same time to 100 from 50.

-          The fonts palette is increased to 200 new fonts and the color palette has also got an upgrade with extra color options.

-          There is also good news for professional users who rely on charts for the most part. This update allows users to create and format both 2D and interactive charts.

-          Users who deal with complex files can now edit documents of up to 1 GB in size, in all three apps.

-          The limit for individual images is increased to 10 MB from 5 MB.

-          The Pages app supports ePub export capabilities, and object layering.

-          The Pages app also provides the ability to insert and format tables.

-          The Numbers app can now support 'CSV export'; in addition to providing support for alternating row colors in tables.

-          The Keynote app has now gained the ability to show or hide the slide numbers.

If the reports were to be believed, Apple is planning to incorporate apps for iOS and OS X shortly.

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