Top 10 DIY, Last-minute And Affordable Valentine's Gift Ideas to Please Your Valentine

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During Valentine's Day, everyone wants to be surprised with a memorable gift or date. Certainly, your loved-ones deserve to get something that will make them feel special, loved and cared for.  

What is a better way to express your love by doing it with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gifts? Here are top 10 DIY gift ideas that are affordable and can express your affection the way you want it:

10 DIY And Budget-friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

1.  Have A Way With Words - Express your love with few words specially penned down for your valentine. Compose a poem or song with words expressing how much you love them and how they make a difference in your life. A well-thought gift will always be appreciated and will make them feel special. If writing a poem is not your cup of tea, then write a note in simple words and say those things that will make them feel cherished.

2. Sharpie Mugs - Make a personalized coffee mug where they can sip their first morning coffee and think about you. Create it by writing a special, cheerful message or drawing something cute with sharp marker on a plain white mug. This DIY Valentine's Day project will take less than 30 minutes and will please your lover enormously without leaving a hole in your pocket.

3. Do-It-Yourself Dinner - Everyone dreams of an ideal date and a date without a special meal is never complete. So why not treat them with a special supper? Select their favorite dishes and make them at home and flatter them by setting up romantic ambience with some candles and sweet music in the background. This DIY Valentine's Day surprise will only enhance your skill as a cook and make your efforts count.

4. DIY Red Roses - People love receiving flowers, especially red roses on Valentine's Day. To be more original, opt for homemade roses as your gift to your valentine. All you need is an aluminum wire used for making flowers, a florist tape that can be wrapped around the wire to make it look like a step and origami sheets or duct tape.   

5. Cake or Chocolates - Buying a cake or a pack of chocolates is easy, but baking a cake or making chocolates is not only budget- friendly but also about the effort you put into creating something that can be relished. Several easy-to-bake cake or easy-to-make chocolates recipes are available online for your assistance. Pick on any with flavors and ingredients preferred by your valentine and flatter them on the day of love.

6. Framed Memories - Select favorite photos of both of you from your memorable date and frame them in a photoframe. You can also make collage with your collection or canvas transfer.

7. Sew Mittens or Gloves - Let them know that you care by sewing a pair of funky mittens or gloves by repurposing old sweaters. This will express your concern and show painstaking efforts undertaken for creating a so-special gift.

8. A Valentine's Day Card - Put on your creative hat and design a special Valentine's Day card. Scribble down some sweet words and messages for them to read and savor forever.

9. Memory Board or Memory Box - Relive old memories with them by giving them a memory board or memory box. Collect all those items associated to your memorable days together. Tell them how and why you remember and cherish them.

10. Personalized T-Shirt or a Tank Top: Design a one of a kind T-shirt or a tank top for your valentine. It is one of the most affordable DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas. All you need is a plain T-shirt or tank top and few fabric or acrylic colors to draw with. You can also simply write a cool message on this gift that is surely going to please them. 

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