Top 10 Best James Garner Movies to Watch and Remember the Actor

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Top 10 Best James Garner Movies to Watch and Remember the Actor
Actor James Garner holds out his arms at the 11th annual Screen Actors Guild awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in this February 5, 2005 file photo. Garner, best known for his prime-time television roles as the wisecracking frontier gambler on "Maverick" and as an ex-con turned private eye on "The Rockford Files," has died at age 86, the celebrity news website TMZ reported on July 20, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/Files Reuters

James Garner known for conquering both the TV and the movie fields reportedly died on Saturday night at his home in Los Angeles. The actor was 86 years old and the death was said to be of natural causes. Here is a look at the top ten movies, in no particular order, of the actor readers can watch and remember the actor.

Movie #1 - "The Great Escape" 1963

Perhaps one of the best movies about a prison break "The Great Escape" is based on a true story about prisoners of war trying to escape from a German camp during World War 2. The movie has both humour and action. Hundreds of prisoners first outwit their captors and later attempt to escape occupied Europe using boats, planes and trains.

Movie #2 - "The Notebook" 2004

Can wealth and class difference come in between two people in love? "The Notebook" is the story of young man of limited means falling in love with rich young lady. But social pressures attempt to separate the two lovers.

Movie #3 - "The Americanization of Emily" 1964

James Garner played the role of Lt. Cmdr. Charles Edward Madison, a naval officer who tries to stay away from battles even during war time. The comedy drama takes him on a dangerous mission and he also falls in love.

Movie #4 - "Support You Local Sheriff!" 1969

James Garner plays the role of a clever Sheriff in this movie who uses little tricks to solve the problems of the town rather than gun fighting. The comedy movie is full of wit and humour mostly by the Sheriff who took up the job just for the pay.

Movie #5 - "Grand Prix" 1966

James Garner plays the role of an American Grand Prix driver Pete Aron. The plot revolves around him getting fired after a crash at Monaco. The crash results in his British team mate Scott Stoddard getting injured. Pete starts to drive for a Japanese team and romances Stoddard's wife.

Movie #6 - "My Fellow Americans" 1996

James Garner joined Jack Lemmon as two former U.S Presidents who have to expose the corruption of the current President to clear their name and stay alive. The two go on a hilarious adventure to uncover a more sinister plot.

Movie #7 - "Barbarians at the Gate" 1993

James Garner is the president of a big tobacco company. The character is used to all the perks that come with the job and is desperate to hang on to it. After a prototype of a new product fails he decides to buy the company but he does not expect a bidding war with a rival.

Movie #8 - "The Thrill of it All"1963

The movie is about a normal housewife suddenly rising to fame. She gets a lucrative contract from a major soap company and is asked to become the spokesperson for the company. But the fame and fortune puts a strain on her relationship with her husband.

Movie #9 - "Move Over darling" 1963

The movie is about a wife stranded on a South Pacific Island for five years and is presumed dead. Her husband has her declared legally dead and remarries. He is planning their first honeymoon but things get complicated after his first wife gets rescued by the Navy.

Movie #10 - "Victor Victoria" 1982

James Garner played the role of King Marchand in "Victor Victoria." The movie is about a gay man and a woman who are finding it difficult to make ends meet. They decide to pull off a scheme where the woman pretends to be a man and get a job as a female impersonator.

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