Top 10 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids on Pinterest [PHOTOS]

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With the Halloween approaching, the preparation for the party has already begun. Most of you must be rummaging through the sites to figure that trendiest Halloween costume idea for your kids. To make it easy we have listed some ideas for you.

The social sharing site has several pinned photos of kids in their most adorable Halloween costumes. Check out some of the best below. For adults, click here to see what's trending this year and decide one for yourself too.  

Here are Top Ten Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids on Pinterest:

1.       The Minions Costume

With the rising popularity of the movie "Despicable Me 2," the minions have become quite a favourite of the kids. This is easy and a perfect DIY costume for kids. Look for blue jeans or dungarees, yellow face paint and cute ski goggles.  

2.          Alice In Wonderland Costumes

For girls, try the look of Alice with a sweet blue dress and necessary accessories. Team it up with stockings and moccasins. For boys, skip the Jack Sparrow costume this time and try the Hatter with a trench coat and a big hat.  The other Alice in wonderland dresses that can be tried are Queen of Hearts and the White queen.

3.       His and Her Royal Highness Costumes

Dress up your kids like a prince and princess this year and make them feel like one. A cloak, a king's suit and a queen's gown and play crowns are the essentials for this DIY Halloween costume for your kids.

4.        Little Red Riding Hood

This costume never goes out of fashion for little girls and makes them look oh-so-adorable. This is simple and can be done with a red cape and a dress. Don't forget to add the essential props like the woven basket.

5.       Costumes from Star Wars

For girls, the Queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala is the new trend among geeky parents. Young boys can be dressed in Darth Vader costumes. These costumes can be easily found in the stores.

6.       Mummy Costumes

Mummy costumes may look tough to prepare but they are actually simple to do. White Full sleeves T-shirts and pants and some off white tulle is all that you need to complete the look.

7.       Hermione Granger and Harry Potter costumes

With the series becoming so popular, these characters are much loved by the kids. These robe ensembles are quite a hit at Halloween kids' parties.

8.       Hobbit Costumes

Frodo or Bilbo Baggins costumes can make for another fun yet easy option for this Halloween. Brown jackets, coats and pants when teamed up with hobbit cloak and a sword can make for a perfect Hobbit ensemble. Use some paint to make Hobbit feet.

9.       Batgirl and Batman Costume

These superheroes will always stay in fashion for Halloween costume ideas. All you need is a black tutu dress for girls and a black body suit for boys with a black cape. Don't forget to add gauntlets and eye masks to complete the look.

10.    Dr. Who Costumes

Pick any of your favorite Dr. Who and dress them up as one. Dr. Who is a simple DIY costume that is easy to handle by kids too.  

So, these are the top ten Halloween costume ideas for your kids. Which one would you pick?  

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