Too Much Exercise Can Kill People, Suggests New Research

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A new research suggests that exercise can sometimes kill and is not always good for your health. The findings of the research showed that one out of every 20 people had a tendency of overexerting themselves.

Clear evidence that there is an increase in the number of deaths who exercise excess and are heart attack survivors was noted. Two thoussnd four hundred physically active heart attack survivors were researched to study the relationship between exercise and deaths related to cardiovascular disease.

Previous reports showing that the benefits of walking and running are equivalent in cardiovascular patients when they put in the same amount of energy into both were confirmed by the study. 

Patients who ran less than 30 miles or walked less than 46 miles in a week were seen to have lesser rates of death from cardiovascular events with about 65 per cent. 

Dr Paul Williams of the Lawrence Berkeley national laboratiory said that the analysis show that there is a significant risk in those patients with cardiovascular disease who exercise too much and that those who run in competitive events as well seem to have a higher risk of an acute event. He also mentioned that these findings apply only to heart attack survivors and cannot be generalised to the general public as well. 

Dr James O'Keefe of the Mid America Heart Institute said that though one in 20 is overdoing exercise, half of the people are not getting the recommended amount of exercise.

Researchers suggest not more than five hours of vigorous exercise in a week for cardiovascular patients as those who do more than this might lead to lesser life expectancy. They've asked the patients who are over-exercisers to change their exercise levels to moderate range.

The findings were published in the journal, 'Mayo Clinic Proceedings' along with a study that elite athletes live longer than the general population. 

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