Too Hot To Handle? Miley Cyrus And Britney Spears Banned From France Television [VIDEOS]

  on January 13 2014 6:06 PM

Miley Cyrus loves Britney Spears and looks up to her as an international pop star. Both are former Disney stars who managed to get ahead in life by choosing singing as their careers. But who would have known that the two hotties will have not only success as a common factor in their lives but also being banned together from television?

BritBrit and Miley birdie are probably too hot to handle for the French. Both singers have been banned from daytime French television. CSA, a media watchdog group, has banned "Wrecking Ball" and "Work B-tch" before 10 p.m. as they are believed inappropriate for younger audiences.

Strangely Miley Cyrus' music video "Wrecking Ball" has broken all records on YouTube in 2013. It became the most watched video not only on YouTube but also on video sharing Web site, Vevo. Cyrus rides naked on a huge iron ball in the music video of "Wrecking Ball," which was directed by controversial photographer, Terry Richardson. Since Cyrus was naked in the music video half of the time it was slammed by critics for being too racy and raunchy for day time television viewing. But coming from a free-willed country like France? That was quite strange.

Why was Britney's music video "Work B-tch" banned? According to CSA, Spears' bondage theme in the video depicts "a sadomachistic universe representing women in a way that risks shocking many viewers." Spears was seen putting a leash on two men in the music video, which might be deemed too risqué for daytime view. The mommy to two toddler sons also admitted that she has too much naked stuff going on in her music videos and they are inappropriate for kids.

"I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it's just hard to play sexy mom while you're being a pop star as well," Spears told Independent in October.

Do you think France has done the right thing to ban these two music videos for daytime viewing? Watch the two music videos below and judge for yourself.


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