Tony Parker is Going to be a Dad

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NBA superstar Tony Parker is going to be a father soon. Parker, who currently plays point guard for the NBA team San Antonio Spurs, announced the good news on Twitter on Thursday.

"Hey, I just wanted to say that I am very happy today," Parker tweeted, "Me and my future wife are going to have a baby boy," Parker added.

Parker is one proud Daddy! This child is going to be the first for Parker so we can tell how excited he really is going to be.

Parker is ex-husband of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. He met the actress in November 2004. They wed in civil service three years later on July 6, 2007. However, Parker has been consistently been accused of cheating on Eva. The Hollywood actress filed for divorce on 2010 and it was finalised on Jan 28, 2011.

After Parker's failed marriage with Longoria, he found his next love in French journalist Axelle Francine.  Even before Parker announced Francine's pregnancy, it has already been previously reported that he is planning to tie the knot with his journalist girlfriend.

Their engagement also debuted on Twitter, during a chat with the basketball star's followers and fans in June 2013.

Parker is on his 13th season in the NBA. He is definitely very much eager and determined to bring another championship for the San Antonio Spurs. "I am so thrilled to start with the Spurs and strive to get a championship," Parker told Miami Herald. "I am ready to go and get another chance to get Timmy out with a championship," said Parker.

Maybe his baby along the way can, sort of, be a good luck and blessing for Parker, and his team can finally win another championship for the basketball franchise

A baby is a wonderful gift. Congratulations to Tony and Axelle!

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