Tony Abbott’s Daughter Smokes in Public, So Much for Australia’s Stiff Tobacco Policy

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On November 28 2012, the World Health Organisation lauded Australia for its strict stance on its tobacco plain packaging policy.

 "With Australia's victory, public health enters a brave new world of tobacco control. Plain packaging is a highly effective way to counter industry's ruthless marketing tactics. It is also fully in line with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The lawsuit filed by Big Tobacco look like the death throes of a desperate industry. With so many countries lined up to ride on Australia's coattails, what we hope to see is a domino effect for the good of public health."

On December 2012, Australia made a world's first record as the plain packaging law officially took effect.

"1 December 2012 will remain a memorable day in the history of the fight against tobacco worldwide. On this day, Australia's world-first laws on tobacco plain packaging came into full effect."

In lieu of the case against Canberra lodged by Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Honduras, alleging that Australia's policy breached their trading rights, Australia showed its robust stance on tobacco policy.

A spokesperson for Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told AFP that the policy was first and foremost aimed to protect public health.

"Tobacco plain packaging is a legitimate measure designed to achieve a fundamental objective: the protection of public health. Australia will vigorously defend the challenges to tobacco plain packaging in the WTO. Australia is confident the tobacco plain packaging measure is consistent with WTO obligations. Introducing tobacco plain packaging was the next logical step to restrict promotional material on tobacco products, closing one of the few remaining avenues for tobacco advertising in Australia."

So much so that Prime Minister Tony Abbott's daughter Frances, 22, was photographed smoking in public with new boyfriend Lindsay Smith. She was seated at a bus stop while taking a break outside the Dolce & Gabbana fashion event in Melbourne.

See pictures here.

Mr Abbot's daughters had taken over the limelight since he started campaigning for the prime ministership seat.

As recalled, Mr Abbott refers to his daughters, Louise, Frances and Bridget as his "best asset". During the campaign period he even joked about himself as "the guy with the not bad looking daughters."

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