Tony Abbott & Vladimir Putin Nominated for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Former U.S. President George W. Bush takes the "Ice Bucket Challenge" which aims to raise money and awareness for ALS
Former U.S. President George W. Bush takes the "Ice Bucket Challenge" which aims to raise money and awareness for ALS, in this still image taken from video, August 20, 2014, courtesy of George W Bush. Bush posted video evidence of his soaking on Facebook. "Yesterday was Bill's birthday and my gift to Bill is a bucket of cold water," Bush said in his Facebook video, after being drenched by his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush. Reuters/Stringer

The Ice Bucket challenge has apparently reached new heights as national leaders get nominated for it. Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, are the latest to get nominated for the challenge. While Josh Frydenberg, Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary, nominated the Aussie prime minister for the Ice Bucket challenge; it was Hollywood actor Vin Diesel who nominated Putin for the same.

Frydenberg, nominated by his constituent, Andy Gowers, is seen in the YouTube video as he accepted the challenge to raise awareness for motor neuron disease. Thereafter, he is drenched in a bucketful of ice water as a volunteer seemed ecstatic to empty the bucket on his head. The Australian politician seemed anxious moments before the bucket left him cold and wet. He, however, managed to maintain a permanent grin on his face throughout the process. He giggled and nominated three personalities as a part of the rule of the challenge. He nominated Abbott, along with ABC journalist Rafael Epstein and Carlton Football Club coach Mick Malthouse.

Diesel was more cinematic in his approach to accept the Ice Bucket challenge. He appeared to take the challenge sportingly. However, before doing the stunt, he spread his share of social awareness by asking to plant more trees. He took a bucket of hard, cold ice and poured it on his bald head as if there was nothing challenging about it. When it was his turn to nominate three people for the challenge, he apparently pulled off another "stunt" by nominating the Russian president. In addition to Putin, he also nominated Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesperson, said that the Russian president was not aware of the Ice Bucket challenge. He also said that Putin had several other important things to think about. However, there is no official confirmation that Putin has refused to perform the task. According to the rules, he has 24 hours to complete the challenge. As far as his history of accepting challenges thrown at him from the West, one may never know if he actually decides to go for it.

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