Tony Abbott, Eat Your Heart Out, Julia Gillard is 2nd Most Admired Figure in 2013

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Embattled Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott would likely be eating his heart out to know that his political nemesis, former PM Julia Gillard, whom he often used to beat in political surveys, is the second most admired figure in 2013.

His popularity ratings, in turn, is at an all-time low because of the proposed 2014-15 federal budget which introduce new taxes and spending cuts that many Australians believe is a breach of the Coalitions campaign promises.

As a result, Mr Abbott is booed by students and heckled by teachers. In addition, the $60,000 scholarship of his daughter Frances at the Whitehouse Institute of Design is under question. Other design students are questioning the grant of the scholarship if it was a political act and not based on merit and academic excellence.

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In contrast, Ms Gillard landed 2nd on the Roy Morgan survey, after U.S. President Barack Obama and followed by the deceased South African President Nelson Mandela.

Mr Abbott is actually on the list at 6th place. After Mr Mandela is Queen Elizabeth and former PM John Howard. After Mr Abbott is ex-PM Kevin Rudd.

Mr Abbott was twice as popular among males than females, perhaps a result of Ms Gillard's accusation that he is a misogynist as well as other anecdotes about the current PM's difficulty in dealing with women in authority.

The proposed budget is said to be Mr Abbott's Julia Gillard moment, referring to her unpopular carbon tax.

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