'The Tomorrow People' Episode 13 'Things Fall Apart' Airs on Feb. 5, 2014, Spoilers: What is Stephen's Mom Keeping From Him? [WATCH VIDEOS]

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"The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart" will air on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014 at 9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 pm Central on The CW. It is currently on its first season and it stars Robbie Amell as Stephen Jameson, Peyton List as Cara Coburn, Luke Mitchell as John Young, Mark Pellegrino as Jedikiah Price, Madeleine Mantock as Astrid Finch and Aaron Yoo as Russell Kwon. Here are some spoilers including The Founder's important assignment for Stephen (hint: it's about his daughter), Astrid possibly getting stuck with The Tomorrow People for awhile and a deal that Stephen wants to make with The Founder about Astrid and The Founder's daughter. Also, find out what exactly is Stephen's mom keeping from him.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from "The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart." Read only if you want to learn more about this pivotal episode.

"The Tomorrow People" Executive Producer Phil Klemmer talked about Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart." Check out the video at the start of the article to see a preview of the latest episode as well as hear what Klemmer has to say about it.

Here is a press release from The CW about "The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart." It was posted on the Web site The Futon Critic and on the Wiki site of "The Tomorrow People."

"Stephen is upset with Jedikiah for going back on his word, leaving Stephen to face The Founder. In order to protect Astrid, Stephen has to make a dangerous deal to bring in a powerful break-out. John and Cara clash, forcing Cara to issue a harsh and unexpected punishment. Meanwhile, Stephen learns a surprising secret about his mom," read The CW press release from The Futon Critic and "The Tomorrow People" Wiki Web sites.

In "The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart," Stephen is pissed off about ULTRA going after his best friend Astrid Finch, which gravely endangered her life. He was promised by Jedikiah that if he cooperates with ULTRA, his loved ones will remain unharmed. Unfortunately, the said promise wasn't kept. He talks to Jedikiah about it, but apparently, it doesn't go well which forces him to make a deal with The Founder, played by Simon Merrells. Stephen agrees with The Founder's request to bring in a new break-out in exchange for Astrid's safety.

Stephen is personally asked by The Founder to look for a special person with powers that are just breaking out. He is instructed to be very discreet about the whole mission and to not go through the usual channels and ways of finding a person with special abilities like him. Naturally, this piques his curiosity which made him confront The Founder about it. In turn, The Founder reveals that the person that he is looking for and asking Stephen to bring in is actually his daughter Cassandra.

Stephen eventually finds The Founder's daughter, which is played by actress Serinda Swan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her name is Cassandra "Cassie" Smythe and she is a paranormal that is believed to be the most powerful break-out on earth. She also robs banks.

Stephen discovers that he has a psychic connection with Cassie which further fascinates him, but upon finding out that she is actually The Founder's daughter, he is wary about her. She will be instrumental in finding out about the secret plan of The Founder, but she also has a mysterious agenda that will be revealed in succeeding episodes.

Stephen and Cassie also talk about The Founder and he learns that Cassie considers his father as a monster. Watch out for some flashbacks in this episode which shows memories of The Founder's daughter.

Plus, Stephen's mom Marla Jameson, played by Sarah Clarke ("24," "Covert Affairs" and "Twilight") seems to be harboring a secret about his brother Luca Jameson, played by Jacob Kogan. It looks like Luca might have special powers like his brother Stephen!

As for John and Cara, they end up disagreeing about certain decisions which brings about a surprise punishment from Cara.

Click HERE to see photos of "The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart" which were uploaded on The CW TV show's official Facebook page. Click HERE to see a photo of Stephen strapped on a chair (uploaded on Screencapped.net and TheTomorrow-People.com).

"The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart" was written by Leigh Dana Jackson and Alex Katsnelson. It was directed by Michael Schultz. Aside from the main cast, there are also recurring cast members that appear from time to time in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy show including Jeffrey Pierce as Jack Jameson/Roger Price, Alexa Vega as Hillary Cole, Burkely Duffield as Tyler Miller, Ben Hollingsworth as Agent Troy, Nicholas Young as Aldus Crick and Meta Golding as Darcy Nichols. Reese Alexander guest stars in "The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart" playing the role of Henry. (Source: Wikipedia).

"The Tomorrow People" Episode 13 "Things Fall Apart" will air on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014. Watch it on The CW at 9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 pm Central. Stay tuned for more updates about this show including the latest news as well as episode spoilers.


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