Tom Cruise Shrinks While Katie Holmes Rises After Publicized Divorce? [PHOTOS]

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Who can forget Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise's rippling muscles in his action-film movies like "Mission Impossible" and "Knight&Day." Is that just a distant memory now?

The 50-year old Cruise has been reportedly looking gaunt when he was spotted walking down the street in London after watching "Richard III" at the Globe Theatre. His current frail frame, unshaven and frowning face has been sparking more concern after his publicized divorce from actress Katie Holmes in June.

"He hasn't been working out like he normally does and doesn't appear to be eating well at all," a source revealed when reports about Tom Cruise shedding weight started to break out.

Cruise is currently filming his action sci-fi thriller film "All You Need Is Kill" and the actor's puzzling weight loss is a big question if he could pull off the character of a soldier in peak condition who takes on an alien invasion. The stress of his newly single life is probably keeping him from bulking up for the role as well as being absent on daughter Suri's first day in school at the posh New York City Avenues School.

While Tom Cruise is suffering from the divorce, Katie Holmes seems to be busy rising into fame and building her bank account. The "Dawson's Creek" actress is currently considering taking on movie roles that would help her pay the bills and save some money for her and 6-year old daughter Suri. Acting offers have actually stopped coming for her after took a hiatus from Hollywood. Now, sources are claiming that Katie Holmes is considering acting once again to earn money.

"People are putting the word out that she's willing to do paid appearances and just see what opportunities come to her. Katie never did this before her split with Tom," a source shared.

According to sources, the 33-year old recently single Katie Holmes has now also become more approachable to business ideas. Holmes reportedly signed on as the new face of Bobbi Brown and she will be paid in a reported $2-$3 million deal. With things going well for Katie Holmes, she certainly proved to everyone that she can get up and stand on her feet after falling down from her failed marriage.  

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