Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Wide Awake After Kicking Off "Edge of Tomorrow" to the Limits

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While most people going through transcontinental flight in a day will be exhausted, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt still managed to look refresh and wide awake. The duo literally pushes "Edge of Tomorrow" to the limits through the power of three premieres in three different countries in just a span of 24 hours.

The film stars spent their morning in London, afternoon in Paris, and night in New York travelling over 3,000 miles in a day to promote the latest sci-fi action film.

Even Tom Cruise finds the idea as equally hilarious as fighting with aliens in the movie.

The 31-year old British actress says it's typical for the actor to jet set around the world to launch their movie. However, doing three premieres in a day is extraordinary.

According to an article from Herald Extra, Emily Blunt stated: "When I heard about the premiere idea of three in one day, I just said, 'That's Tom's idea.'"

The duo started their day in a rain-filled London, UK at 6:30 am, flew to Paris, France via helicopter for the premiere at 2:30 pm local time, then capped the day with 10 pm E.T. red carpet at New York, U.S.A.

For the actor, landing a helicopter in Trafalgar Square was something he has always wanted to do. "I didn't fly it but I was in the back and it was amazing. It was a blast," the actor said in People Magazine.  

For each city, the film stars spoke at the red carpet, signed autographs, took pictures, and waded into the crowd. Cruise beamed all the way through the epic journey with his dark suit and tie. For each city, the actor changed his shirt white in London, to blue in Paris and white again in New York.

Blunt equally sparkled with her strapless Osmond gown, changed outfit in Paris, and finally had the red strapless Prada column in New York.

At the New York red carpet, Tom Cruise stated that the experience was a lot of fun.  "It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience, " he stated.

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