Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Visit Night Sex Club: List of Top Celebrities like NSC

List of Top Celebrities like Night Sex Club
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Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise
Cast members Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise arrive for the premiere of ''Edge of Tomorrow'' in New York Reuters

Emily Blunt, the 31-year-old actress, guided Tom Cruise to London sex club to celebrate Matt Damon's birthday. The actress herself revealed that she took Tom Cruise to the night sex club, Daily Mail reports. Emily Blunt, mother of a 3-month-old daughter Hazel, reveals that visiting the night club accompanied by Tom Cruise, was the idea of her husband John Krasinski. "I don not know if you have heard of this club called The Box. It is kind of like a burlesque sex club. There are weird things that go on and make you cringe," I think he thought it was going to be a nice, civilized dinner. So, I emailed him and I was like, 'Tom, change of plan. Um, we are now going to go to this club called the box. I just wanted you to know that you may not be comfortable with this. It is like a kind of a sex club.'" She added: "He emailed back and went, 'Jesus Christ! Well just don't let me walk out of there alone!' which we did not." Emily told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview earlier" Emily told the details to Jimmy Kimmel.

After Tom cruise, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski and Kate Middleton got media coverage with her frequent visit at the sex parties, reports. Rihanna also has visited the sex clubs. It was on 2013 September, The Daily Mail reports that she was in Thailand while on the way to a world tour when she found an X-rated live sex featured animal and posted on a social networking site the view as "traumatized". Other news sources also revealed that this is not the only one; she has the prior experience in attending the night sex club. She was reportedly dressed up in a black cat-suit and visited a Toronto sex club last year.

Lady Gaga singer of "Born This Way" is known for her outrageous performance. Sshe invited a reporter from Time of London to cover her experience at Berlin sex club "All I can say is that I am not responsible for what happens next. And wear a condom," according to Australia's News Network

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