Toddler Murdered Over MSN Chat

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Ammaz Qureshi, 35, a British accountant, is facing trial for murdering a toddler over chat from 1,100 miles, The Telegraph reports.

While chatting with Yasmin Chaudhry, the toddler's mother, Mr Qureshi gave instruction for Ms Chaudhry to submerge her daughter in a bucket of water as a form of discipline, an Oslo District Court heard.

According to investigations, the murder took place in the morning of Oct 2010 when the toddler disrupted an online video chat between Mr Qureshi and Ms Chaudhry. Following his instructions, the mother plunged the toddler's head under water until the toddler lost consciousness.

Ms Chaudry then called emergency services under the pretence that the toddler drowned accidentally. The toddler died at the hospital. Mr Qureshi, married for seven years, began an illicit affair with Ms Chaudhry, from Oslo, when they met in London back in Feb 2010.  

Their relationship continued via online chats when Ms Chaudhry went back to Oslo. Apparently, the two had been regularly subjecting the toddler to different forms of tortures whenever they chat. The torture went on for a six-month period. As always, Ms Chaudhry did what Mr Qureshi told her.

There were times when the toddler was forced to eat a spoon full of chilli powder, was gagged with adhesive tape, was given cold showers and was slapped in the face, the court heard.

"She was subjected to physical violence during disciplining. In the end, it went too far and she died. By submerging the girl in the bucket, they would have anticipated her death. She was a small, defenceless girl who was subjected to extensive abuse," Prosecutor Cecilie Schlosser Moller said during trial.

Both Mr Qureshi and Ms Chaudry pleaded not guilty to the murder. While Ms Chaudry admitted physically abusing the toddler, Mr Qureshi denied any participation whatsoever in the crime.

The trial continues and if found guilty, both will serve a 21-year jail time.

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