Today's Women and the 10 Sexist Scenarios They Face at Work

A trader watches a monitor displaying stocks on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange February 4, 2010.
A trader watches a monitor displaying stocks on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange February 4, 2010.

The silent pain and plight of a woman, what she goes through in her daily life often rests in ignorance.

At work, the kind of humiliation women face, it’s hard to imagine at times.

“According to a report by The Guardian, here are 10 such situations which have been reported repeatedly in “Everyday Sexism Project”.

1. Mistaken as the Secretary:

A lot of women who hold senior posts have reported their emotional turmoil while being mistaken for the secretary every time they attend a meeting especially when they get accompanied by a male colleague.

2. Sorry. I am not the Tea Lady:

Many of the accomplished ladies described their painful experiences about the treatment they have received. One description said, before submitting a report before international clients, she was asked to serve coffee first.

3: It’s not School but Still She is Called “Good Girl’

In an out an out professional environment, it brings sheer disgrace to a woman to be called a ‘good girl’.

4: Don’t Blame it on Menstruation:

Many women complained that whenever they put across a firm opinion, people tend to blame it on their hormones cycles.

5. Was it Your Idea?

Lot of women get regularly let down in office when their brilliant ideas get unnoticed and unappreciated.

6. Is There a Man Available to do the Job?

It is a common practice. The world still can’t have enough faith on a woman’s capability. Whatever profession it is, looking for a man has always been the first option.

7. Elaborate Your Child Care Plans:

During interview, it is not uncommon to ask a woman candidate about her childcare plans while thoroughly ignoring her credentials for the post she had applied for.

8. You are a “Maternity Risk”

The familiar notion that a woman puts family before files, motherhood before work, and every working lady has to go through this at some point of their professional life.

9. A New Mother has got a “Baby Brain”

Most of the employers strongly believe that it’s difficult for a new mother to focus on her work. The question hardly arises with new fathers though.

10. Undue Advantages:

Last but not the least, making completely undesirable sexual advancements by superiors has made the situation worst for many of the working women.

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