‘Today’ Host Karl Stefanovic Reveals Bosses Are ‘Planning To Get Rid Of Me’

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“Today” co-host Karl Stefanovic is in danger of losing his job. The 39-year-old Logie-winning presenter has revealed that his job is constantly being offered to others, and he is just fine with it.

Earlier the week, it was learned that former “Sunrise” producer Adam Boland suggested in 2011 that the show replace its hosts David Koch and Mel Doyle with newer faces. Koch is still the presenter, but Doyle was fired in 2013.

With the furore on Boland’s leaked email, Stefanovic revealed that no one’s job at the breakfast show industry is really safe.

Speaking with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa on Thursday, Stefanovic said that despite being one of the most popular breakfast show presenters in the country, he has no job security at all.

“As if it doesn’t happen everywhere,” he said, referring to Koch almost being sacked from the rival show. “In my first year at the Today show, I had three people come up to me at the car park and say, ‘Mate, I’ve just been offered your job.’ Mike Munro, Ray Martin, and Ben Fordham. I’m 100 per cent serious.”

He has proven to his bosses that he was the right man for the job, though. Since he was fired in 2005, he has earned two Logie Awards: a Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality and a Silver for Most Popular Presenter in 2011.

But even if he is already in possession of accolades to prove his worth, he knows that his job could be taken away from him at any time.

“I know that ‘upstairs’ is actively planning to get rid of me, and I like it. I embrace it. I don’t care. It’s best to go, ‘It’s TV, eventually they will, so I’m just gonna have a great time and sail on into the sunset,’” he told the radio hosts.

Stefanovic truly doesn’t appear to be worried at his possible sacking. In 2009, he was suspected of being drunk on live television in the morning after attending the Logie Awards the night before.

He is now allowed to attend the party again after five years.

“[Nine Network boss] David Gyngell has given me his seal of approval to drink at the Logies – and to drink a lot,” Stefanovic revealed to the Mail Online. “The only thing he is demanding of me is that I show up the next day.”

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