Tizen Running In Wrists: Android Is Not In Galaxy Gear 2 And Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Smart Watches

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Tizen is now in Barcelona, Spain enjoying a significant boost while running in Samsung wristwatches.

The Korean phonemaker has disclosed the second generation of its smart watches: Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. Surprisingly, they do not follow the footsteps of Galaxy Gear, which run an Android.

The previous watch Galaxy Gear shipped 800,000 units, but for the new smart watches, Samsung Electronics announced the switch to Tizen's operating system. The smart watches will enhance the user connection to many Samsung devices and an improved application system as the pilot of wearable platform.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo smart watches will be available in April.

No Android In Smart Watches

More developments will follow to figure out what it means but at least it is a sign that Samsung considered the previous platform in Android as too cumbersome, power-consuming and heavy. The change does not alter the size of the watches as they are a millimeter smaller, with 37 mm x 58 mm x 10 mm but the body size is the same. But these gears are getting improved battery life with 2 to 3 days typical usage and 6 days of "low usage." According to the official press release, these new watches are compatible with most Samsung smartphones.

Watch Features

With the two gears are 320 x 320 Super AMOLED displays, which are 1.63-inch in size and 1 GHZ dual core processors. It has a 2 megapixel camera in the body, not on the strap that is a bulge. That means you can replace the watch band if you like, and choose from six available colors. Neo does not have a camera so it may cost less.

Other smart watch features are IR remote control, heart rate sensor, pedometer, notifications, calendar, phone media controllers, voice memo, voice control and the like. Music and video can also be played in the watches, which can store data in their 4 GB internal memory.

Tizen - The Most Interesting Surprise

Tizen is the most interesting surprise for these smart watches. It is the Linux-based OS of Samsung and Intel, which has been percolating for a while, assumed to be the backup plan of Samsung if Android does not work.

There will be more about Tizen at the MWC 2014 but the new gears are the first Tizen devices announced. Tizen looks like Android in the smart watches hands-on demo at the MWC 2014 event. 

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