'Titanfall’s' Take on Possible eSports, Burn Cards Compiled by Players and Cheaters Already Plaguing the Game

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With "Titanfall" as one of the most awaited multiplayer games for the Xbox One, it seems that Respawn Entertainment is also playing with the notion of having an eSports competitive gaming tournaments held once the launch is done.

This comes from the Q&A portion over at Major Nelson's blog wherein competitive tournaments were inquired by a fan. According to Respawn, competitive tournaments are not really the focus of the developers, as "Titanfall" is still yet to be introduced and attract gamers into the community.

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However, that does not stop the game from generating interest in terms of its future in competitive gaming. "While that couldn't be a priority for us here, we're definitely listening to all of the feedback. We're interested in what competitive players think when the game ships, and it's definitely something we'll look into."

For now, and more than the launch of the game, Respawn has also confirmed that many updates will come even after the launch passes.

"We have a variety of classic modes, three which we've shown so far, there's some that we haven't talked about yet. That's if you wanna hop in with your buddies, get into a quick match, skip the story elements of the game," Respawn stated.

Cheaters Already in Before the Game's Out?

Even before "Titanfall" is launched for the public, already there are cheaters hard at work in the beta stage.

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Game Reactor was able to document the cheating episode, which is particularly seen in the video over at the link. In the video, it seems that a player in beta is using a speed hack, both playing in-person and as a "Titan." The author has stated that the cheater went up to 10 times the normal speed of what should be seen for "Titans."

This comes in lieu of what Respawn Entertainment has previously mentioned about anti-cheats system. Game Informer reported before that the developer has been working on anti-cheats, as well as a new build, during the beta phase.

It was also stated that the anti-cheats system will be tested during beta, so whether or not this is already being implemented has yet to be announced.

50 Burn Cards Compiled Before the Game is Released

With the beta almost coming to a close and the release date getting near, players have also stared to gather more material on "Titanfall," perhaps to get ready once the final game is out.

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VG 24/7 spotted a gallery compilation of the 50 Burn Cards available for "Titanfall," which are collected after the matches. These cards also offer players the chance to a life. The list of Burn Cards include Bottomless Frags, Amped RE-45, Amped Archer, Prosthetic Legs, Aural Implant, WiFi Virus, Double Agent, Massive Payload, Super Charger, Rematch, Outsource and Most Wanted List.

There are also three supposedly rare Burn Cards, namely Atlas Refurb, Spare Stryder and Reserve Ogre.

The gallery is accessible via this link, or gamers can follow the discussion over the Reddit thread about the Burn Cards.

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