'Titanfall' Xbox One Won’t be 1,080p, PC Version has Better Graphics [VIDEO]

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With "Titanfall" about to open its beta for players, there are already a number of expectations and leaks of what will be available for gamers before the actual launch of the game.

The latest is that, despite the run on Xbox One, the resolution is still an issue as it won't be a 1,080p game. Instead, Attack of the Fanboy reports that it will be at a native 792p resolution. This isn't anymore a rumour though, since community manager for Respawn has stated herself that this will be the case.

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However, there is also the hopeful note that despite this, the developer will try to bring "Titanfall" up to 900p when it finally comes out. As for the "Titanfall" beta, GameSpot adds that it would be upscaled to 1,080p for the console version.

But there's also a bit of good news for those who are getting a headstart with the beta run. WebProNews reports that Microsoft will make Live Gold Weekend free for the weekend staring the midnight of Valentine's Day and will last until midnight of Sunday.

This way, Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers can enjoy access to the multiplayer, as well as other services, often walled in by the fee. However, this is only available for U.S. and Canada users.

PC to See the Best Graphics for 'Titanfall'?

If the Xbox One is experiencing the 729p and upscaled 1,080p issue for "Titanfall," the PC, on the other hand, is said to bring in "insane graphics," as seen in a screen cap that was obtained by a NeoGAF user.

Spotted by DualShockers, the post was from jediyoshi, who has also included the different options of the user for the texture resolution that he prefers for the PC "Titanfall" version.

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It seems that the customisation of the game is already good enough for the PC version, with at least 16 video options that players can choose from, including brightness, texture resolution, color mode, model detail, effects detail, shadow detail, lighting quality and model detail.

There are even a number of comparison videos popping out to show off both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, and a video obtained by Lazy Gamer shows off that despite the use of Source Engine on the game, the Xbox One has been tweaked and upgraded to render the 792p to a 1,080p.

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The PC version of the game, however, shows all the signs of 1,080p with the power of the Nvidia GTX 780ti powering the GPU of the machine.

A sample of the video comparison can be seen below, but you can click the link above to Lazy Gamer to check out all the others.

(Credit: YouTube/MrVg247)

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