'Titanfall' on Xbox One Faces Off with PC; Possible PS4 to Come in a Year; Beta Sign Ups Still Teased by Respawn


[UPDATE: Learn the story behind what you'll be hearing once Titanfall gets released: Read about the original score and composer for Titanfall here.]

With "Titanfall" only coming out for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, it's not surprising that comparisons will be made between console and PC versions.

This very comparison has already been documented, spotted by DualShockers. The face-off shows that the resolution used for the Xbox One alpha testing was really low, though Respawn has reportedly confirmed that this was just normal practice for pre-testing.

What Xbox One players should take note of is that they should not expect the same reduced download size, as Respawn has already confirmed that what was witnessed in the alpha testing for the Xbox One version will not be the final one for the game.

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DualShockers have gotten hold of the comparison screenshots, and as can be seen in the link above, the textures between the Xbox One alpha and the PC version present very different qualities. Texture quality can be seen in a number of aspects, including chain gun, computers and even some body parts of the titans in "Titanfall."

Given the height and gravity of response of players to "Titanfall," it is highly possible that Respawn will really provide a better version for the full game on the Xbox One, particularly to take advantage of the features of Microsoft's console.

Beta Still Waiting for Confirmation, Respawn Teases More

With "Titanfall" scheduled to release to the public on March 11, there is already a huge clamor for when developer Respawn Entertainment will give more details for the beta access.

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So far, a number of fans have been asking over at Respawn Entertainment's Twitter about the beta details, and the developer has been very coy with its responses.

Respawn founder Vince Zampella also informed fans of details via his Twitter account.

And before that, a snapshot of what appears to be a warehouse with the word "Titanfall" emblazoned on the top area was teased by Respawn, with the following caption:

Whether or not this has anything to do with the beta or perhaps additional content has not yet been specified. But those who have been following the official Respawn Twitter page would see the "Titanfall" PC specs that have been tweeted by Zampella:

Are you ready to play Titanfall?

'Titanfall' on PS4 in a Year?

"Titanfall" is probably the Xbox One's forerunner as Sony's is "Infamous: Second Son," which is why any hints of "Titanfall" coming to the PS4 has gotten Sony fans abuzz.

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One such hint supposedly came from Alex Moyet, SCEE brand manager, who has reportedly tweeted that she feels the franchise will come to the PS4 in a year.

Gamepur reports that the tweet, which has now been deleted, contradicts what has already been announced by publisher EA. Previously, it was announced that the Xbox One exclusivity has been made because of predicted sales of the consoles.

"We had some forecast at that time from where we thought both Xbox and PlayStation would be and that's what we based our decision on. I think we're still feeling very comfortable with that," said Blake Jorgensen, EA's CFO in a statement quoted by The Sixth Axis.

Still, Moyet may have been referring to the possible succeeding "Titanfall" projects, which are not yet covered by any Xbox One exclusivity.

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