'Titanfall' Without Local Australian Servers, Open Beta Set for February; 'Titanfall' DLC Already Planned?

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"Titanfall" is one of the expected titles for the Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360, and while impressive graphics and gameplay have already been revealed, there's now a potentially brewing problem for those in Australia.

Through a source, VG 24/7 confirmed that developer Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that dedicated servers for Australian gamers are not exactly in the cards as of yet.

"It's really a question for Microsoft. There are servers that gamers in Australia will be able to connect to and we're testing builds there to make sure they won't have an unacceptable connection (it has been playable in our tests)," said Abbie Heppe, Respawn community boss.

Expounding on the question on whether or not this would entail an Australia-based server, it seems that there are none at the moment. This could be a bit troubling for some for an online-only title like "Titanfall."

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Still, this does not prevent the developers from exploring options for better servers or at least ensuring that the lack of one will not affect the gameplay of Australian "Titanfall" fans.

Open Beta Coming Soon

Titanfall open beta is now surely coming, according to Vince Zampella of Respawn, and it seems that it may debut as soon as February, reports Forbes.

Spotting a report on a NeoGAF entry, the "Titafall" open beta is expected to be available come Valentine's Day and run until Feb 19.

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This is a pretty good timeline given the release date scheduled for early March - more or less or month for Respawn to do last-minute tweaks from the open beta experience. According to the source, it's a wise move to have a beta run for "Titanfall." A lot is riding on a good impression, especially since it will be running with a model that has been proven, time and again, to have delivered disappointments on its launch day.

The "Titanfall" open beta may be a good testing ground to see if the online-only operation of "Titanfall" won't cause as much problems as they did with other online games recently launched. Perhaps there is even more pressure riding for the Xbox One, since "Titanfall" is a exclusive to the Xbox console alone.

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With the head start that the PS4 already has for the next-gen console rivalry, the Xbox One is now turning towards games to keep its fans on their side.

Extra Content Coming, Dictated by Players

Even before the game has seen its debut, there is already talk about its expansion after the launch, which Respawn claimed to be supplemental content.

"We're planning extra content already for the product. But in the nature of the live service, I think that that will evolve over time as we see how the player base evolves through the year," said EA's Andrew Wilson at an event quoted by Joystiq.

There are no details as to what Respawn's plans are for the added content, but there may be more to come after the open beta in February.

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