Titanfall vs. Killzone: Shadow Fall: More Screenshots of the Frontier and Marked for Death or a Gassy Expansion?

'Titanfall' Prop
IN PHOTO: A prop depicting a character from the video game "Titanfall" is on display before the opening day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles, California June 9, 2014.

"Titanfall" players on the Xbox 360 will be happy to know that they will now get the Marked for Death update, which has already been available for the Xbox One and PC for about a month now.

A new Twitter update from the official "Titanfall" Twitter account has announced:

"Xbox 360 players, Game Update #4 will drop on July 21st! Are you ready for Marked for Death?"

VG 24/7 has spotted the announcement, which primarily focuses on the addition of the Game Update #4 to the Xbox 360 platform. Developer Respawn Entertainment has already detailed the contents of the new update, including the new Titan Burn Cards and the new Featured Game Modes that will be continually changed.

'Titanfall: Frontier's Edge' Screenshots and More Info

"Titanfall: Frontier's Edge," the new DLC for the title, has also been explored in the latest blog post over at the official "Titanfall" Web site.

The new map in the DLC is Export, which features large Militia Settlement with mines. The area is pretty much a export venue that used to support the booming gold of the town, but given its massive armature, it's the perfect close combat for ground troops to run amok.

Expect wall hops from pilot enemies and the use of low-hanging structures like the roofs as Titans get the choke points to lock down sections of the Export.

'Killzone Shadow Fall' DLC Goes Into Fart Territory

DLC gimmicks and features have become varied for every game that supports this expansion system.

But the Sony exclusive "Killzone Shadow Fall" brings its latest DLC into the territory of farts and planks instead of going gun and mission crazy. PC Mag reports that the newest DLC, which runs for $2 as an add-on pack, is called "Fun & Games Spotlight Pack." And this includes having the ability to plank or fart on someone in the multiplayer mode of the game.

With the spotlight move, this would be a way to humiliate other players whom you have beaten--but this time, using farts and planks. Perhaps some people do take fun in this kind of thing and is worth the $2.

But here's a video to help you decide if a farting and planking DLC is still a must-have.

The "Killzone Shadow Fall" DLC Fun & Games Pack (via YouTube/Killzone)

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