'Titanfall' vs. 'Infamous: Second Son': PS4 Sales Get Boost; 'Titanfall' Bundle Discounted and PC Version Gets Nvidia Upgrades

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With "inFamous: Second Son" now enjoying its first week of release, it has received quite positive reviews. But apart from praise, the PS4 exclusive seems to be doing a great job boosting Sony's next-gen console—perhaps in the same manner that "Titanfall" had done to the Xbox One.

In the UK territory, MCV reports that the PS4 console sales have jumped by as much as 106 per cent due to the release of "inFamous: Second Son" alone. This is quite the jump, especially when compared to how "Titanfall" performed for the Xbox One, which reportedly garnered only a 96 per cent boost in sales.

On its own, "inFamous: Second Son" is also doing pretty well, as it had already snagged the top of the UK charts and has become one of the fastest-selling titles for the next-gen console. VG 24/7 adds that "Titanfall" has already felt a drop in sales, by as much as 73 per cent compared to the previous week, landing the third spot, as the PS4-exclusive game secures the top spot, while "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" holds on to the second spot.

Considering that "Titanfall" had a week-long head start in terms of release dates, it would be interesting to see how "inFamous: Second Son" can hold the top spot.

Xbox One 'Titanfall' Bundle Now Only $449 in Two Stores

For the past few months, the Xbox One has received price cuts, both official and store-based, the biggest of which was the announced price cut for the UK territory.

This time, an even bigger and more tempting offer for the Xbox One is available from Walmart and Best Buy. CNet has spotted the discount for the Xbox One "Titanfall" bundle, now offered at only $449.

However, the deal is just available for the two mentioned retailers, with no word yet if Microsoft is planning a similar price cut as an official discount for the hardware and game combo.

The Xbox One "Titanfall" bundle includes a copy of the game, the Xbox One console, a month's worth of Xbox Live Gold and an Xbox One controller. As far as dates of availability, Walmart and Best Buy have not tagged an end date to the discount, but for those thinking of grabbing both the game and the console, this may be the best offer yet.

PC Version Will Be Upgraded Via Nvidia

For those who opted to play "Titanfall" on the PC, there's an added value of improved graphics coming, as Nvidia announces visual upgrades coming to the game.

Shack News reports the announcement, wherein Nvidia has promised to work closely with Respawn to ensure the rollout of better visuals. Part of these improvements includes 4K resolutions and SLI multi-GPU support.

"We are working towards implementing several NVIDIA GameWorks technologies that can make Titanfall look and play even better," said Respawn's Vince Zampella in an interview quoted by Shack News. "We will also be working towards updates for SLI and 4k support to ensure a fantastic high end PC experience."

There are no announcements yet as to the release dates of these improvements.

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