Titanfall Updates: First DLC Priced, Modes are Free, and New Matchmaking System in Progress

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Now that the anti-cheating system for Titanfall has been enforced and has exhibited a rather intensely amusing and thought-provoking look on cheating (will you or won't you?--it's actually a big question here), developer Respawn has turned towards the next installment of the game.

Or rather, towards the first DLC expansion, which Respawn boss Vince Zapella has responded to a fan query over at Twitter.

Spotted by IGN, a fan has asked when the first DLC will be coming out and how much it will cost, to which Zampella responded, "Don't think we've announced a date, cost is $10 US."

It seem that the first DLC will be a paid one, since Respawn has also announce that Titanfall's follow-up content will include both free and paid DLCs. What will come for free alongside the Season Pass are free updates.

This was confirmed by Zampella also via Twitter, as spotted by Gamerant. Following a fan's statement on wanting new modes for the next big update (and not the promised paid DLC), Zampella tweeted, "Modes we release will be free to all, not part of DLC."

Matchmaking for skills in Titanfall

"The game finds teammates and opponents for you by using this skill data. After we build teams and those two teams play a few matches, it is usually very clear which team is better. However, we weren't taking full advantage of this information," said Respawn in the official Titanfall web site.

This is why the developers made a recent change, particularly in two areas. The first is that searching for teammates and opponents will take more time to ensure that there is good skill level match among the players. Respawn hopes that this would create better teams and closer games in general.

The second change is that teams can change periodically and toss your team with another team that's different from the one you've been playing against. This not only gives you a better suited opponent for the next round, it will eliminate the chances of a fairly weak team that keeps losing to a team that does not have a similar skill match. This can provide both reprieve (for players who need a break from losses) and a challenge (for those that keep winning while playing with their eyes closed).

Respawn is already going to make the changes available via the "Improved Matchmaking (Beta) playlist, which you can find in the Play Classic MP section. But it's a watch-and-see transition, so changes will keep happening.

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