Titanfall Update: Third Patch Comes with Increased Nuclear Damage, Private Match Features and More

By @binibiningkd on

Titanfall is a game that may be so nuanced and balanced which even the most discriminating taste in gaming will have little room for improvement.

But the recent news revealed Respawn is geared toward fine-tuning the almost perfect Titanfall experience. The latest patch to the Titanfall adds rebalanced systems and score of new features that will make the Titan launch a bit different.

The new features of the Titanfall update include private matches which are still in beta but Respawn is already working on it to prepare it in time for professional and competitive gameplay.

Here are the new features in the new Titanfall update from CVG:

  1. Score limit
  2. Time limit
  3. AI Lethality which controls how accurate and thorough Spectres and Grunts are.
  4. AI Types which set the allowed types of AI from drop ships and drop pods.
  5. Pilot Health which gives pilots normal, double or half health.
  6. Pilot Ammo which gives pilots reduced or normal ammo.
  7. Titan First Build Time which adjusts how long until players acquire the first titan.
  8. Titan Rebuild Time which adjusts how long until players' replacement titans is ready.
  9. Titan shield capacity
  10. Minimap which controls the HUD minimap.
  11. Respawn delay which indicates how long players must wait before spawning.
  12. Extra look drift guard

Without a shadow of doubt, Respawn focuses on creating private matches on Titanfall quite customizable. At this point, there is no announcement on a forge mode yet, which means players need to be content with the current options for a little while.

The best part of the Titanfall might be the increased damage for nuclear injections, which become more attractive as loadout option can now take down fully healed Atlas titans.

Meanwhile, Electronics Arts recently released a companion app for Titanfall available on iOS and Android devices for free. The app showcases a full-sized interactive map that allows users to monitor their standing in the scoreboard. Titanfall players will also receive notifications on the weapons, maps, modes, characters and controls of the game. 

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