'Titanfall' Tips, a New Patch and a Cool Chart That Details Weapons

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For those looking to follow in the footsteps of the first-ever player who got the Gen 10 pilot title without the use of cheats and aimbots (lest you get kicked out), here are two tips to remember.

Probably the most important is players need to be on the offensive as much as they can. Active combat pays more compared to if a player is too much of a defensive player. PC Magazine reports that attacking more in combat can give players more prizes, such as more XP.

Players need to find a mix of defending themselves and going to the frontlines of the battle. According to the source, there are a number of tools that players can easily make use of, such as the Smart Pistol and the Cloak, among others.

Another important tip, according to U.S. Gamer, is for players to use their burn cards. The saver's mindset does not work with burn cards, no matter how much a player may think it's best to save them for a rainy day.

Burn cards can never be stored for more than the maximum number that players can get, and even though players may keep collecting them, they will not add to the number of burn cards in their possession. It is best for players to use them when they can, but still wisely so they know which cards are useful for their strategy and which ones are just fillers.

New Patch Released for 'Titanfall'

Joystiq has spotted a new server update that has been released by Respawn Entertainment, most of which are targeted for balancing adjustments and bug fixes,

Some of the changes include the reduction of Flag Return points and Flag Carrier killed points, an increase in the score limit in Attrition, a noticeable decrease in the damage of the Smart Pistol not locked onto a Pilot and the hip-fire accuracy of the Smart Pistol, the ability to restore the full health of a Mega Turret when hacked and the lowered point value of defensive actions in Hardpoint mode and CTF.

On the other hand, the bug fixes target some server issues, issues in ejecting from a Titan, server errors in some matches, inability of a double XP burn card to not be applied properly and warping issues for some players.

The complete list of improvements and adjustments can be accessed in the link above.

Useful Weapons Chart to Battle Titans

"Titanfall" is not just about diving headfirst into the action without some form of strategy at hand. After all, players will be facing off with powerful Titans, and the last thing they need is to go in blind with no knowledge of what they have at hand.

For a more effective way to battle Titans without resorting to aimbots, VG 24/7 has spotted a chart created by one gamer over at the Denkirson boards, where gamer Dissentia has already listed the stats of the "Titanfall" guns.

It includes a list of 10 guns, including the C.A.R. SMG, the EVA-8 Shotgun, the Longbow-DMR Sniper and the G2A4 Rifle, to name a few, and along with it, the damage against Titans, RPM, mag size and fire time as well as the stats against the three Titans, Atlas, Ogre and Strider.

This is a pretty orderly list, and one that would help players who don't mind having to do a bit of memorization of at least the general numbers for each weapon.

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