'Titanfall' Requires Origin, Has No Open Beta and Will Have SmartGlass and Localisation Features After Launch

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"Titanfall" is an Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive as far as the console wars between the PS4 and Xbox One is concerned. However, it is also slated to appear on the PC for those who prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard.

The minimum requirements to play "Titanfall" on the PC have already been released, but it seems that a more important requirement for some gamers would be the announcement that "Titanfall" will also need Origin.

In an exchange between Vince Zampella, CEO for Respawn Entertainment, and a fan, John Connorski, GameSpot shows that Origin is, indeed, one of the most important requirements for the game:

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'Titanfall's' Beta Access

For those who have been waiting for details on "Titanfall's" beta access, no specific date has yet been announced. But even though it was previously stated by developer Respawn Entertainment that it will not require a pre-order of the game, the beta is actually a closed one.

This means that those who want to get in will have to get an access code, though IGN reports that Respawn does want to get as many people as possible into the beta program.

Considering how the alpha testing was done, those who may want to get a head start with "Titanfall" may have to register over at Respawn's official Web site and start hoping that they are one of the chosen gamers to get into the beta access.

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Speculations on the actual date of the beta have been pegged to Valentine's Day, February 14. But it seems that everything is already ready for action, and if Respawn gets a go signal for its build certification, it's likely that the developer will announce the beta sooner.

After the Launch: Still a Lot to Come for 'Titanfall'

Besides the anticipated beta access and launch of "Titanfall," there are still a number of features that will be coming to the game after it lands on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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According to a report from DualShockers, Mr Zampella has also teased that it will be adding in more features and support for the game once it's already out and launched. The developer has even specified exactly what kind of support will be included in "Titanfall" after launch.

So far, Gamingbolt has reported at least six kinds of localisation planned by Respawn for "Titanfall," which includes French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German and Italian, while other languages like Brazilian, Korean and Chinese will be supported via subtitles.

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