‘Titanfall’ on the PS4 Spotted and the New Community Challenge Now Out

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The success of "Titanfall" has been felt for all its current platforms, particularly the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 and the PC. However, it is possible that the exclusivity is about to end, as a new report online has claimed that "Titanfall" will release in more platforms, this time including the PS4.

The possibility of "Titanfall" going the PS4 route has been hinted even way back, especially when it came to the sequel of the title. There was even an earlier report that Respawn Entertainment may be preparing "new experiences" for "Titanfall" which can mean that it's already preparing the sequel of the game. Since the exclusivity only covers the first installment, there is a chance to see "Titanfall" on the PS4.

But Softpedia's latest report seems to be referring to the current "Titanfall" making it o the PS4. Quoting insider Tidux on a Twitter post, it said, "A build of 'Titanfall' is up and running on PS4."

There are even other details including the 1080p native resolution that's even higher than when the title released on the Xbox One. But of course, this is still very much a big rumour, but if there is a grain of truth, it is possible that the operational build on the PS4 may be part of the new experiences that Respawn has prepared for "Titanfall" as a franchise.

Community Challenge Announced for "Titanfall"

A new challenge has been poste for "Titanfall" players, and it will run until May 16 at 3:59 p.m. PDT. Once you've accomplished the mission, you need to show the developers the Lifetime Spectres Hacked score that you've received, and it can be found under the Personal Stats-Mis section.

"Capturing and defending Hardpoints and earning points for kills is an easy task for some, but hunting down Spectres and hacking as many as you can will be a true challenge," said Respawn Entertainment over at the official "Titanfall" web site.

All you have to do to join is to get a screenshot or image of the entire Misc Personal Stats page, ensuring that the Spectres Hacked score is visible.

Like the last Community Challenge, a tied score will result in a random drawing to get one winner. And that lucky winner will get to have the "Titanfall" Swag Pack: Mad Catz "Titanfall" headset, a full set of "Titanfall" patches and an exclusive set of pins.

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