'Titanfall' Opens Beta for Xbox One, 14 Maps Revealed at Launch; Australians Respond to Lack of Dedicated Servers

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For those who weren't lucky enough to get a code for the Xbox One closed beta, this must be a lucky day. "Titanfall" open beta is already in session, blowing open the original limited slots allotment for the much awaited beta testing to basically everyone who wants in on it.

It seems that the developers are bent on stressing out the system as much as possible to see all the possible kinks and deficiencies in the servers for "Titanfall."

"His words are 'Let's break it,' so the plan is to make the beta fully open and have you max stress it!," said Vince Zampella of Respawn.

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Xbox's Major Nelson was the first to announce it for Xbox One fans over at his official blog, and he has assured that no code is necessary for gamers to download and play the beta. In fact, Xbox One gamers are encouraged to participate, as this new stress test can actually help the game in a lot of ways to avoid ending up with a fiasco of a launch like other online games.

According to Major Nelson, gamers just need to sign in to their Xbox One to download the beta. Gamers need to go to "New Game Demos" on the Game Store to access the download. However, he did say that it may take some time for it to be present in all Xbox One systems, so for those who can't access the beta, Major Nelson has promised that it's coming.

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In other regions, it may be called "Join the Titanfall Beta" link on the Xbox One page right beside "My Game and Apps."

Maps on Launch for 'Titanfall' Revealed

Gamechup has gathered the names of the different maps, with one more recent addition to make the total count of 14 maps at launch.

According to the source, the "Titanfall" beta features the Angel City and Fracture maps, but a NeoGAF member has discovered a list of all the maps for "Titanfall," which include: Colony, Relic, Boneyard, Lagoon, Rise, Corporate, Outpost, Overlook, Airbase, Nexus, Smugglers Cove and O2.

Since "Titanfall" is only a multiplayer game, the maps are an essential part of the gameplay and would keep online players hooked. It's possible that more content and maps are coming as add-on expansions once the game gets released on March 11.

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Beta Impressions, Respawn Talks

The beta for "Titanfall," so far, has yielded positive results with regard to the gameplay and experience. However, there are reports of gamers experiencing problem with the game, such as finding no servers to connect to or getting really high pings when playing.

Lazy Gamer has reported about the beta experience and have stated that, in Australia, "Titanfall" still performed well enough despite the 100 to 150 ms ping when using the Southeast Asian server.

But some people over in Australia are still very worried about the lack of dedicated servers in Australia for "Titanfall," and this has reflected in the discussions over at Respawn's forums.

"Amazing how I could play VCOD and COD2 nearly a decade ago, on dedicated servers (in my territory) and yet 10 years later be playing a 'NEXT GENERATION' shooter on [an] offshore cloud server, that I have no control over," said bogzillar.

"My conclusions, based on available evidence, are that the game will indeed suffer beyond any type of reasonable playability for AUS/NZ gamers," said moebiouz.

"I'm just a designer and I can't really speak about infrastructure or AU Azure servers, but... we're not asking you to buy the game on faith. Please try the beta, or to talk to people in your area who played it if you don't get in and make an informed decision based on that.... If the gameplay experience isn't acceptable don't buy the game, and be sure to let Respawn, EA and Microsoft know that you're not doing so and why," responded a Respawn employee over at the forums.

On closer inspection, it may be one of the reasons why "Titanfall" beta was opened for the public and extended for one more day---to let everyone experience how it feels like and to see for themselves whether or not the lack of dedicated servers in other areas would prove to be a problem in the end.

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