‘Titanfall’ News: Details on Cut Modes and an Update on Xbox 360 Patch

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When the "Titanfall" playlists on the PC were changed, the community had a single voice of disappointment, and developer Respawn Entertainment had not turned a deaf ear towards these complaints.

As such, a recent post over the "Titanfall" official blog has been posted to explain the whole reason for the change beyond the fact that there were only a handful of players playing the modes as well as the fact that that matches were difficult to establish. Respawn has carefully explained in detail what is happening in the background, and the premise for the next steps for "Titanfall."

Basically, "Titanfall" works by either finding game via server browser or matchmaking, which is the one that the developer is more responsive to. This is because matchmaking takes in a number of variables into consideration, including party size, search time, game mode, skill, latency and location, to name a few, which technically, makes for a much better system in terms of finding good games.

But given the unpredictability of multiplayer gaming in general, and the fact that there game time is precious and limited enough that no one really wants to spend the time waiting for matchmaking, Respawn has stated, "We've decided that it is better to get in to a game, even if it ends up a little lopsided, after a little searching as opposed to waiting forever or even minutes." As such, there will be changes to the way matchmaking works in "Titanfall."

To solve the issue, Respawn has already announced that they are bringing back the CTF playlist on the PC, alongside a test of more region searches for matchmaking. This means that if you've searched for five minutes without starting a game, the search will be widened to include other nearby continents in a player's area.

This can mean that the game that you'll join may have a higher ping, but at least you will be playing the game. Aside from this, the developer is also adding a re-balancing of lobbies as a last resort, so that your teams will be rebalanced in the event that there is a lopsided player count for any team.

For the meantime, matchmaking is still very much improving as games continue to be played. The developer is even checking out other ways by which they can align players with the use of mic or chat, as well as looking for worst-case scenarios to deal with future problems.

"Titanfall" on the Xbox 360 Update

The update for the Xbox 360 version of "Titanfall" has finally become live and ready for download on Xbox Live. Aside from the bug fixes, there are a number of new features obtained for the game.

Announced via the official "Titanfall" blog, players now have localization issues fixed, fixing the max level XP so that players won't be disconnected from the server, server crashes that come with attaching satchel charges o the dropship, and reduced number of players from six to two for private matches.

With the "Titanfall" Xbox 360 update patch 2, you can also now have party colours, where your party members and their titans taking on the green colour on the map instead of the blue so you know where you friends are in the field.

You can also see the state of your titan, because it will appear in the obituary in gold colour, the same as your name does, instead of the previous blue colour that it used to appear in. The patch update also brings in menu changes and a game version on the menu for troubleshooting purposes.

Check out the full list of bug fixes in the link below, and download the newest patch for "Titanfall" Xbox 360.

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